Mashatu Game Reserve

Situated in the far east of Botswana lies the Northern Tuli Game Reserve which shares un-fenced boundaries with Zimbabwe and South Africa. Known as the “land of giants” for its expansive vistas, towering baobabs, and eponymous Mashatu trees, the Mashatu Reserve is our favorite reserve in the Tuli Block and we highly recommend exploring. The many hillocks are the perfect perch to experience outstanding panoramic views as you explore over 70,000+ acres of this special cross-boundary conservation area.

At the confluence of the Limpopo and Shashe Rivers, the varied landscapes – which range from savannah, to plains and sandstone outcroppings, to riverine forests and marshlands – draw a plethora of wildlife to this area. For serious horseback riders or campers, consider a multi-night horseback safari, criss-crossing this enchanting and wild terrain. The horses don’t alert the game to your presence, which makes it easier to spot lion, giraffe, eland, and massive herds of elephant from up close. You may also come upon cheetahs, jackals, foxes and wildcats in this area that is chock full of predators and prey, as well as prolific birdlife as well. Do note that rhino and buffalo do not call this area home. If rhinos and/or buffaloes are must-sees, then you might want to consider other parks.

However, Tuli is not all about the wildlife, impressive as it may be. This region is of incredible archaeological and cultural/historical importance, from ancient stories and tribal gatherings, to more recent British colonial history/battles, to contemporary village life.

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