Best Coffee in Kenya: Cafe Ubuntu

Cafe Ubuntu is open for business!

Cafe Ubuntu in Maai Mahiu is not only the only source of espresso outside of Nairobi en route to the Maasai Mara but is also conveniently located near both Lake Naviasha and Lake Nakuru National Parks.

Best Coffee in Kenya: Cafe Ubuntu, Breaking Ground

Best Coffee in Kenya: Cafe Ubuntu, The Finished Product!

The café will be self-sustaining, create jobs in the local community by drawing in tourists en route to the Maasai Mara, Nakuru and Naivasha, and will empower the community by providing education about sustainable farming.

Cafe Ubuntu, in partnership with Allegro Coffee also hopes to give Kenyans, who grow some of the best coffee in the world but love their tea, an opportunity to experience one of the country’s largest exports the way we do everyday. They also hope the cafe will provide a space for local Kenyans and tourists to interact.

Best Coffee in Kenya: Cafe Ubuntu, Men drinking coffee

Most importantly, the café’s menu sounds delicious! It features crepes, espresso and farm-to-table options (including pizza!) catered to the tastes of the local community. Café Ubuntu is also working directly with Brown’s Cheese, the largest local Kenyan cheese distributor, to boost business for local goat herders by providing milk for goat cheese.

Last, but definitely not least…Cafe Ubuntu will offer modern bathroom accommodations for guests!

Watch a Video about Cafe Ubuntu.

We are particularly excited about Cafe Ubuntu because it is the brainchild of CTC International, an amazing organization that participated in our Fashion Designers Without Borders trip to Kenya last year.

The Details

Café Ubuntu is situated one mile from Maai Mahiu Town on your way to Naivasha on your left.

They operate from Monday to Sunday from 8.00 a.m to 6.00 p.m

For more information please contact; +254 (0) 721 694 537 or +254 (0) 788 915 014

We wish Cafe Ubuntu all the success in the world!

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