Expertly crafted safari activities and unique global excursions turn the ordinary into extraordinary

Every extraordinary journey requires a balance of quiet moments, safari activities, and unique experiences that make each day different from the everyday. With expert guides, special access, and decades of exploring our passions through travel, let us help you translate your interests into lifelong memories. Whether you’re looking to fly-camp in southern Tanzania, horseback ride across Patagonia‘s pampas, take a sunset game drive through Namibia, go fly-fishing in the world-class waters of the Seychelles‘ outer atolls, or navigate India‘s street food scene, we’ve been there and can help you work through all the details.

Where to start when choosing safari activities?

Think about the safari activities you have on your bucket list, combine that with what you normally like to do most when you travel, and give us an idea of where you like to sleep after an amazing day, and we’ll build them into your itinerary. Whether it’s backcountry adventure, back-to-back game drive days, or a mix of sun, sand, and safari, our goal is to create a custom blend itinerary that is uniquely yours.

Below you’ll find our most popular things to do on safari and on adventures beyond Africa. It’s certainly not a comprehensive list, so let us know if there are safari activities or other excursions you’d like us to look into.

Ready to plan?

Now you’ve got a range of safari activities on your bucket list, let us pick the perfect destination to maximize what you most want. Combining your ideal list of things to do on safari with your perfect-fit accommodations to deliver a one-of-a-kind itinerary is our specialty.

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Ready to start planning your own incredible adventure? We make the process stress-free and enjoyable.

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