Camping on safari

A camping safari (fly camping or mobile camping) allows you to sleep under the stars and enjoy the pure tranquility and raw excitement of the bush. Explore a camping vacation in Africa and beyond!

Many properties offer the option of adding a night or two out in the bush accessible by foot, horseback, or camelback to get a new perspective of the terrain and spend a night in the wild. Spend a night or two out in the wilderness with lions roaring in the distance and a blanket of stars overhead before returning to your main camp or lodge. Fly camping still includes touches of luxury as staff of the camp travel ahead of you to set up camp that includes a bucket shower and a comfortable mattress and bedding inside your dome tent or net.  Many of our favorite fly camping experiences are found in East Africa, like those at Ol Malo and Sarara in Kenya or the Serian Mobile Camps in Tanzania. A handful of properties, such as Tanda Tula, are beginning to offer fly camping vacation in South Africa.

In Zambia, Botswana, and Kenya you can also find multi-day mobile camping travel experiences. With mobile camping, the tents can range from a small dome tent with a thick mattress roll (similar to fly camping) to a full 10×10 meru-style canvas tent with a bed that is set up each night. Whether you travel between the mobile sites on foot, horseback, by camel, canoe, or in a game vehicle, these are truly remote wildlife experiences with excellent guides. We think this is a great experience for families.