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The only thing better than traveling is sharing your travels with people you love. Maybe you’ve been to Africa before, and this time around want to bring your kids or grandkids. Maybe you are celebrating a milestone birthday and want to invite the whole gang on a multi-generational safari. Or maybe you’re going to wow the new grad with extended family travel options, where everyone can celebrate together.

Multi generational travel can be so rewarding, but it must be done carefully, taking into consideration everyone’s interests, abilities, and priorities. We understand that grandpa has different needs than his teenage granddaughter, or that mom’s interests are different than her son’s. Choosing a property and experiences that accommodate everyone’s priorities can be tricky. Through the process of getting to know you, we can guide you to camps and lodges that will make everyone happy.

Generally, we adore exclusive-use properties for multi-generational travel. With access to an entire camp or lodge, including a private chef and private activities, absolute freedom is at your fingertips. Let the little ones run around, have a cannonball contest in the swimming pool, and simply have fun!

When it comes to an African safari with a multi-generational family, our clients have a lot of questions, such as best ages, pricing, and safety concerns. We have answers and tips for you here.

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