Argentina: Luxury & Private Safaris

Argentina draws many obvious comparisons with Europe’s old world charm and architecture from the “Little Switzerland” that is Bariloche to Buenos Aires’ “Paris of South America”. In truth, looking down the jacaranda lined streets and wrought iron balconies of the Avenida de Mayo, it’s easy to see the similarities. However, Argentina is also the land of sultry tango, sizzling asado, colorful neighborhoods, and fevered fúbol fans. When you leave Buenos Aires city limits, Argentina is somehow even more dynamic. It’s a country of thundering waterfalls, of calving blue glaciers, of gauchos on the open plains and vintners tending to their grapes. It’s a land of solitude and of open spaces. It’s a place where family history is steeped in the places you’ll stay and one where gracious hospitality overflows. It’s the perfect destination for the active traveler who wants to get out and play and to dive into local traditions. It’s also the ideal destination for those who want to relax and let nature wash over them, to disconnect from obligation and re-define leisure.

Remember when you’re planning your travels that Argentina is in the Southern Hemisphere, where the seasons are opposite of those in North America and it can become quite cold as you travel south. The desert towns in the north like Salta are high in altitude, as are the vineyards of Mendoza, but the rest of the country is nearly at sea level. Tierra del Fuego up through Calafate is cold year-round, and can be incredibly windy while the tropical jungles surrounding the Iguazu Falls frequently see rain and high humidity.

There is so much to see and do in Argentina that it’s easy to slip into the mentality of “it’s my one trip” when in reality, the bonds you will form with the country will likely beckon you back. If your heart is set on a combination of countries, transportation between Argentina and the rest of South America is frequent and reliable.

Secrets and Tips from our Experts

  • Explore Buenos Aires’ trendy neighborhoods like Palermo Soho.
  • Seeing a soccer match in La Boca is a heart-racing highlight.
  • Snack on chorripan- baguette stuffed with chorizo and chimichurri.
  • Don’t miss a tango show and make sure to attend the free lesson many offer.

Is Argentina the right destination for you

Argentina offers such a variety of experiences for one country. Its immense plains, deserts, tundra, and forests, as well as tall mountains, rivers, and thousands of miles of ocean shoreline, really do make it a country where there is “something for every type of traveler!” While there is plenty to fulfill the active traveler with fishing, hiking and horseback riding, cultural activities also abound. With tango being one of Argentina’s greatest contributions to the outside world, this country is also known for sprawling Estancias, fanatic futbol fans and an incredible food and wine scene. Participate in a cooking class, catch a live futbol game in the bustling neighborhood of La Boca or wander the history laden streets, before feasting on a late dinner and catching a tango show. Their rich and chic culture offers an experience you can’t help but fall in love with.

When to visit Argentina?

The weather in Argentina varies drastically from one region to another. When planning your trip, it’s important to think about what the seasonal weather will be like in the region you’re planning to visit. However, we love October though April as a general time table when the weather will be nice in most regions.

Our experts are happy to talk through regional weather patterns and what month would work best for your specific trip.


How much should I budget for a trip to Argentina?

$ $ $ $ $

As a travel destination Argentina offers some wonderful options at various price points. While luxury options are always available, we love that Argentina can also offer more affordable options than neighboring Chile.

Argentina: Luxury & Private Safaris

Argentina has a range of accommodation options from budget to luxurious properties and you can combine stays in city hotels, boutique bed & breakfasts in the wine country or even Patagonia and fully inclusive lodges to suit your particular limits.

What else should I know before planning a trip to Argentina

  • Argentina: Luxury & Private Safaris: We love Argentina because of the easy accessibility you have to some stunning landscapes. Some of these places can require a bit more effort to travel to, but are totally worth the extra mileage. When you are planning to travel to Argentina (especially Lake District Patagonia or Calafate), be prepared for some off the beaten path car rides. However, airports are relatively close to all major tourist destinations in Argentina, making it easy to combine several areas of this gorgeous country. Naturally though, some areas might be more crowded than the remote corners of neighboring Chile. So it’s best to plan during the shoulder months to avoid crowds.

Ways to experience Argentina

  • Fly fish and white-water raft in the Lake District
  • Go for a horse ride and then sip wine in Mendoza
  • Take a full day hike to Mount Fitz Roy in Los Glaciares National Park
  • Get sprayed by water while taking in the view at Iguazu Falls
  • Try your moves on the salsa floor in Buenos Aires
  • Walk along glaciers while visiting Perito Moreno Glacier outside Calafate
  • Board a cruise in the southern tip of Patagonia, to spend days among the fjords, whale watching and spotting penguins  

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