Susana Balbo Winemaker’s House

Susana Balbo, the renowned female winemaker from Argentina, has recently unveiled her inaugural hotel venture, the SB Winemaker’s House & Spa Suites, situated in the esteemed wine region of Mendoza. With over forty years of dedication to the wine industry and international acclaim, Susana Balbo, alongside her daughter Ana Lovaglio Balbo, has meticulously crafted this bespoke estate and luxurious boutique hotel, infused with their authentic wine heritage in every aspect, encompassing design, ambiance, gastronomic experiences, art, wellness, and the surrounding nature. The focus lies on providing an exclusive experience, where guests are embraced as if they were residing in a private estate, while Susana and Ana serve as gracious hosts, eager to share their culture and wines with discerning travelers.

The SB Winemaker’s House & Spa Suites showcases seven spa suites, thoughtfully designed with in-room spa features and services seamlessly integrated. To further enhance the guests’ stay, the establishment offers an array of amenities, including La VidA restaurant, a refined lounge bar, a heated swimming pool, a boutique featuring local artisanal products, and a dedicated tasting room. Each element harmoniously contributes to an enchanting atmosphere that encapsulates the essence of Susana Balbo’s winemaking legacy and her commitment to providing a memorable and immersive hospitality experience.

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