Conservation travel and eco-tourism journeys

To travel the world and observe her beauty is a gift. We believe it’s our responsibility to respect the land, people, and wildlife of the places we visit, and are committed to doing so with every trip we craft. As travelers, we have the opportunity to positively combine conservation travel, eco-tourism principles, and luxury – to help preserve and support the destinations we are so lucky to explore. At Extraordinary Journeys, we are dedicated to conservation travel. We pick and choose properties to support carefully, weighing the cultural, environmental, and economic sustainability factors to ensure tourism remains a positive force in the communities we visit.

We adore intimate properties with very little footprint, we support independent property owners who take pride in their homeland and have a relationship with their community, and we create trips which feature authentic cultural experiences, conservation travel activities, and sustainable eco-tourism focused amenities. We include a carbon offset donation to Cool Effect for every one of our bookings to mitigate the effects on the environment by our movement. By simply embarking on an Extraordinary Journeys trip, you are choosing sustainable travel.

For the traveler who wishes to include a more in-depth conservation travel activities, whether for a single afternoon or a few days, there are plenty of opportunities to get involved.

Nature and animal conservation travel activities

Namibia‘s Desert Rhino Camp and South Africa‘s Phinda Reserve offer the chance to track or notch/de-horn rhino to help prevent poaching and increase rhino population. Ecuador‘s Mashpi Lodge, located in the Cloud Forest, is home to a research station, and guests have the opportunity here learn of reserve management behind the scenes. Kenya‘s Laikipia Plateau is a conservation success story, offering visitors the opportunity to support local community projects, or visit the K-9 anti-poaching unit or Laikipia Predator Project, and more. Take an afternoon to learn of organic farming, water conservation, land management, and animal welfare during your stay at Dera Amer in India. Participate in elephant collaring in Zimbabwe or Tanzania. Take part in puma conservation while staying at Awasi Patagonia in Chile. Or contribute to the research and protection of cheetahs with Laurie Marker’s Cheetah Conservation Fund in Namibia.

This list just skims the surface. Whether you are interested in land, wildlife, or cultural preservation, we can match you with a cultural travel or eco-tourism experience that will not only be educational and exciting, but help contribute to sustainable, lasting change.

Accommodation featuring conservation travel initiatives

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