Dwarika’s Resort

Dwarika’s Resort, An establishment that places emphasis on living in harmony with all elements of nature, Dwaria’s Resort has been built from natural materials such as stone, wood, earth, and using traditional building methods mixing lime with brick dust. Natural fibers and colors as well as environmentally-sensitive paint add life to the interior. The resort also incorporates other environmental systems, including water re-harvesting, grey water treatment, solar lighting and recycling of food and other waste.

There are a range of suites available at Dwarika’s Resort. With private indoor and outdoor living and sleeping spaces, the suite is an ideal setting for reflection, relaxation and revival.

Dining at Dwarika’s Resort is for both nourishment and enjoyment. The restaurants use fresh, seasonal and local produce, primarily sourced from Dwarika’s Farm, or from other local farmers. Meals complement the treatments and philosophy of the resort. Guests are welcome to visit Dwarika’s Farm to explore the terraced fields, pick some vegetables and herbs for their next meal, or even try lunch cooked in the rustic farmhouse.

Inspired by a blend of Vedic Philosophy and Buddhist Medicine, the resort focuses on the complete well-being of an individual, drawing on the knowledge and holistic lifestyle of the Himalayan region. The Pancha Kosha Himalayan Spa, an integral part of the resort, offers treatments and activities to encourage well-being.

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Dwarika’s Resort

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