Mashpi Lodge

Mashpi Lodge is a luxurious eco-retreat nestled deep within the heart of the Ecuadorian cloud forest. Surrounded by lush tropical rainforest and breathtaking biodiversity, this lodge offers an unparalleled opportunity for guests to immerse themselves in the natural beauty and wonders of the Andes. The lodge is renowned for its sustainable and environmentally conscious design, seamlessly integrating into the surrounding landscape while minimizing its ecological footprint.

Guests at Mashpi Lodge can expect an exceptional experience that combines adventure with comfort. The lodge features beautifully appointed rooms with floor-to-ceiling windows that provide stunning views of the forest canopy. Visitors can participate in guided hikes, birdwatching tours, and wildlife encounters led by knowledgeable naturalists who share their expertise about the diverse flora and fauna of the region. Additionally, Mashpi Lodge boasts a remarkable Sky Bike, which allows guests to pedal through the treetops, providing a unique perspective of the cloud forest canopy. The lodge’s commitment to conservation, along with its luxurious amenities, makes it a top choice for travelers seeking an immersive and eco-conscious cloud forest experience. 

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