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We all have that one big trip we daydream about, knowing we will get there “someday”. Maybe it’s a destination on your bucket list trips and you are waiting for the free time that comes with retirement. Maybe it’s a big splurge and you’re saving up the money. But “someday” can be sooner than you think, with a little help from us here at Extraordinary Journeys. We can help realize your dreams, on a timeline and budget that work for you.

Start your dreaming…

  • Discover towering glaciers and emperor penguins of Antarctica, while staying at the unique, luxurious and intimate Whichaway Camp, offering individual “pod” rooms as opposed to the typical boat cruise. Accessible only by private charter, staying at Whichaway is definitely “brag-worthy”.
  • Take your safari to the next level, with a cross-Africa odyssey. From the mountain gorillas of Uganda to coastal Cape Town, from the wilderness of the Masai Mara to Victoria Falls and Botswana’s incredible Okavango Delta. If you have the time, desire, and budget, why stop at just one country?
  • Lizard Island, an exclusive luxury lodge in Australia‘s northern Great Barrier Reef, is just about as secluded as they come. With 24 private beaches and access to the reef literally at your doorstep, location doesn’t get much more impressive than this.

Check out our blog featuring 12 ways to turn your trip into the trip of a lifetime. Biplane excursions, day trips (yes, day trips) to Antarctica, camping in the dunes of Morocco, Great Walks of Tasmania; Your trip is sure to create memories to last a lifetime!

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