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Ready to lace up your boots for a luxury walk through Australia or New Zealand? Call it “walking” or call it “hiking”—chances are you’ve heard of New Zealand’s famous Milford Track and Australia’s 12 Apostles. But there’s far more to the region than the best-known routes. Whether you’d like to try a one-day walk or a five-day walk, New Zealand and Australia both offer a host of magnificent options for every traveler. From pristine coastlines to ancient rainforests to rugged mountains, these expertly-guided walks offer incredible immersion into the local landscapes, wildlife, and culture. And the marvelous dinners and accommodations are not to be missed!

three hiker walk on a path in a valley with very stunning rugged mountain area in New Zealand
The Main Divide on New Zealand’s South Island © Fiordland Lodge

Why Luxury Walks Are a Must for Any Visit to Australia or New Zealand

The Sensory Experience

Wherever you travel in the world, you know that nothing feels quite the same as exploring with the sun on your skin and the breeze in your hair. Whether seeing the sights by motorcycle, bicycle, hot air balloon, or your own two feet, nothing compares that full sensory experience. Coastlines, rainforests, mountain peaks, and more all stretch out before you, beckoning to be explored.

The Relaxed Pace

It’s no secret we’re fans of slow travel. We particularly love the pace of luxury walks and the connection you’re able to make with the place you visit simply by traversing it yourself, one step at a time. Walking is a terrific way to recalibrate, recharge, and it does wonders for both your mental health.

The Unbeatable Access

Paved roads and airports will only take you so far. Some places deserve to be seen on foot. You’ll love the unique vantage point as well as the opportunity to venture into areas where modern transport simply can’t take you. Indulge your inner child, and let’s go exploring.

The Care & Comforts of a Luxury Experience

Sure, you’ll be putting in a few miles on your walks. So be sure to pack the right shoes. But we’d hardly describe luxury walks as “roughing it.” Far from it! From gourmet meals and well-appointed accommodations to foot baths and spa treatments, you’ll enjoy all the perks you’ve come to expect from the luxury properties we partner with.

Luxury Walks in New Zealand

While New Zealand’s Milford Track tends to get all the glory, some of the lesser-known tracks can be far more rewarding (and less crowded). Some walks take as little as a day, others allow you to wander New Zealand’s wild landscapes for four or five breathtaking days.

Strap on your boots, stretch your legs, and give your soul the restorative, wide-open adventure you’ve been craving.

Abel Tasman Coast Track, South Island

The Abel Tasman Coast Track follows a 37-mile stretch of Abel Tasman National Park. The area’s golden beaches, lush coastal native bush, beautiful rocky outcrops, and untouched estuaries are a feast for the senses.

Bay with a boat with beautiful sandy beaches you can hike in Abel Tasman New zealand
Lush landscapes, sandy beaches, and gorgeous ocean all around © Split Apple Retreat

For great access to the Abel Tasman Coast Track, we recommend you stay at Stonefly Lodge and Villa for five-star luxury accommodation or Split Apple Retreat for a more rustic experience of this wild, wonderful coastline.

Fiordland National Park, South Island

Fiordland National Park is one of the world’s most beautiful areas encompassing over 1.2 million hectares of wild landscapes. The region boasts mountain, lake, fiord, and rainforest environments, offering extraordinary scenic beauty for nature lovers of every persuasion.

The Milford Track

The famous Milford Track winds through Fiordland National Park for over 33 exquisite miles, perfect for a four-day luxury walk.

For an ideal experience of the Milford Track, we recommend you stay at the luxurious Blanket Bay.

two people hiking up a grassy hill in New Zealand
Walking the Milford Track near Blanket Bay © Blanket Bay

The Kepler Track

The Kepler Track makes a 37-mile loop through Fiordland National Park, the Lake Manapouri area and the Lake Te Anau area with stunning alpine, lakeside and valley forest views.

The Routeburn Track

Over the course of nearly 20 miles, The Routeburn Track traverses portions of Fiordland National Park and Mount Aspiring National Park. This magnificent alpine walk features meadows, rivers, waterfalls, and jaw-dropping views of the surrounding valleys and mountain ranges.

Another of our favorite properties, Fiordland Lodge in Te Anu, is also perfectly situated to take full advantage of the Milford, Kepler, and Routeburn Tracks. All three tracks start within minutes of Fiordland Lodge for unparalleled walking access.

Luxury Walks in Australia

Maria Island Walk, Tasmania

The Maria Island Walk takes you on a rambling four-day exploration of Tasmania’s delightfully weird wildlife, gorgeous scenery, and the region’s convict history. Depending on your exact route, the walk covers about 21 to 24 miles in total. And it even includes a climb through a cloud forest! Enjoy comfortable stays at their exclusive wilderness camps, and end each day with a candlelit gourmet dinner beneath starry skies.

© The Maria Island Walk

Bay of Fires Lodge Walk, Tasmania

The Bay of Fires Lodge Walk gets its name from the orange-hued granite rocks for which the bay is named. This 4-day walk features white sand beaches, gorgeous blue water, and plenty of delicious Tasmanian food and wine along the way.

The exclusive Bay of Fires Lodge is the only building on a breathtaking 7-square-mile stretch of coastal wilderness, so if you’re looking to a walk to get away from it all, this may be just the ticket!

12 Apostles Lodge Walk, Victoria

Rusty anchor on a wild beach in Victoria, Australia in Tasmania
The 12 Apostles Lodge Walk en route from Moonlight Head to Princetown © Australian Walking Company

The Great Ocean Road traverses nearly 250 miles of stunning views along the southwest coast of Victoria. The 60-mile stretch of that route from Apollo Bay to the magnificent rock stacks of the 12 Apostles is a favorite among avid walkers and hikers. We especially love the 12 Apostles Lodge Walk. This nearly 25-mile walk makes for an enjoyable four-day walk with a mix of easy and challenging bits perfect for a variety of travelers. And the accommodations at the 12 Apostles Lodge are simple, sustainable, and the perfect respite after a full day of exploring.

Even if you don’t consider yourself an avid walker or hiker, there’s a good chance you’ll still adore seeing this gorgeous corner of the world on foot. Check out this first-time hiker’s account—her 12 Apostles experience might just inspire your own!

Quick Recap:

With countless landscapes and hundreds of miles to explore on foot, there’s no shortage of walking opportunities in Australia and New Zealand.

Come for the sensory experience, the relaxed pace, and the unbeatable access. Stay for the care and comforts of a luxury experience. Where you stay and which tracks you explore is up to you. Just know that whatever you choose, you’re sure to be amazed.

Itinerary: Wild Australia With Tasmania

For even more walking inspiration, and to see how a luxury walk could be the perfect addition to your adventure Down Under, check out this itinerary, complete with a three-night walking tour of Freycinet National Park. We can design a similar journey according to your specific tastes. But remember, we customize every journey for our clients; no two trips are ever the same!

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