Where to Travel: Month by Month

Winter in the northern hemisphere is summer in the southern, so it’s easy to flip the script on the weather. And when all else fails, just head to the Equatorial region for sun, sun, sun. The best places to visit in winter offer lush landscapes, moderate temperatures, and plenty of activities outside. 

Here’s our list of the best places to visit in December:

  • Maasai Olympics Kenya Generations upon generations of Massai warriors have hunted lions as proof of their manhood. But with lion populations vulnerable to extinction, a new competition was born to protect both the big cats and the unique skills of local people.  The Maasai Olympics were created for young warriors to show their bravery and skills. Some events included are target throwing, javelin, long and short distance foot races, and high jump. Winners receive trophies, cash prizes, sponsored trips, and some receive scholarships. Get a front seat at the games at Ol Donyo Lodge.
  • Fly Fishing in Patagonia Be amazed at the pristine beauty of Patagonia. the area between Chile and Argentina, which has eluded man’s touch. The landscape is perfect for fishing, whose rivers are supplied with glacier water and high mountain snowfall. Catch brown trout, rainbow trout, brook trout, steelhead, coho, king salmon, and chinook salmon. With numerous lodges dedicated to fishing and other outdoor activities, a fishing trip to Patagonia is an angler’s dream.
  • Peak Lupin Season Lake Tekapo (New Zealand) One of the most photo worthy experiences is New Zealand during the Lupin bloom.  Lupins are actually an invasive plant species, but have such beautiful and colorful flowers, New Zealanders let them grow in certain wild areas. Lake Tekapo’s array of pink and purple blooms, crystal water,  blue skies, and green forests in the mountains makes for a breathtaking view. The flowers typically bloom from mid-late November to January.
  • Livingstone Island and a dip in Devil’s Pool at Victoria Falls Situated right on the edge of the world’s largest waterfall is Livingstone Island. Visitors can take a boat ride across the Zambezi River which creates the border between Zambia and Zimbabwe, and explore the small island in the middle of the river, just before it cascades over Victoria Falls. Explore the island, take a dip in the natural pool near the crest of the falls – Devil’s Pool – and enjoy a delicious meal.  
  • Chimps Are Low on the Mountain at Greystoke Encountering intelligent and playful chimpanzees in the wild at Greystoke Mahale in Tanzania should be on any animal-lover’s bucket list. Although endangered, nearly 1,000 chimps live in Mahale Mountains National Park, so safari guides are able to track chimpanzees for visitors to get a close look at these curious animals in the wild. With Lake Tanganyika just steps away, visitors indulge in relaxation,  kayaking, and catch-and-release fishing during their stay. 
  • Underwater Room at Manta in Pemba Become one with nature while staying at the Manta Resort on Pemba Island, off the coast of Tanzania. The entire resort is magnificent, but nothing matches the awe of the underwater room. The floating room boasts three levels, a top deck for sunbathing and stargazing, a main level for lounging, and finally, the underwater lower level where guests are surrounded by nature.  It’s not uncommon to see tremendous ocean life from sharks, to seahorses and colorful fish during your stay.
  • Argentine Open Polo Tournament The Argentine Polo Ground in Palermo has been deemed “The Cathedral of Polo,” and spectators are sure to enjoy exciting polo matches between some of the world’s greatest players. For over 100 years, the sport of arena polo has been contested in Argentina and fans flock to this tournament, which has grown to be one of the most important tournaments worldwide.  Fans can experience  the action, and history, with a ticket to the Argentine Open Polo Tournament!

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Looking for more ideas? Visit Uganda in January for the great gorilla watch or visit Antarctica to witness the adorable penguin chicks hatch.

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