Where to Travel in March

Early spring in the northern hemisphere is early fall in the southern, so there are plenty of options around the globe. March is the perfect time to experience the lush greenery of Madagascar has to offer as it transitions into the cooler seasons. The best places to visit in spring offer beautiful landscapes, moderate temperatures, and plenty of activities outside.

Here’s our list of the best places to visit in March:

  • Hiking in Patagonia- Known for some of the best hiking in the world, Patagonia offers piercing blue lakes, jagged-edged sedimentary peaks, wildlife, grasslands, and forests. March is ideal here for cool hiking weather and lots of sun. Spend the entire journey on foot or mix it up exploring the pampas by horse or glaciers by boat. Either way, hiking in Patagonia is a journey all trekking enthusiasts must take.
  • Secret Season in Madagascar – The perfect blend of lush rainforests and dry deserts, this tropical paradise is the outdoor enthusiasts dream adventure. Situated 250 miles off the coast of southeast Africa, Madagascar is one-of-a-kind. Seriously, 90% of it’s flora and fauna cannot be found anywhere else on earth. Because March is the rainy season in Madagascar, it’s the perfect time to visit for natural beauty and cooler temps – but plenty of sun to enjoy beaches in solitude, experience a serene guided hike with just your travel mates, and relax in one of the world’s most overlooked adventure destinations.
  • Wine Festivals in Argentina- The wine tasting opportunities in the valleys of Mendoza are practically endless. With more than 1,500 wineries spread over the three regions, it would be impossible to taste all the wonders Argentina has to offer. But don’t worry, La Vendimia Mendoza Wine Festival will transport all the delicious wine you can taste to one destination. Vibrant, colorful festivities take over the city for nine days as visitors get to experience this celebration of a lifetime. 
  • Optimal weather and fewer crowds in New Zealand – Because it’s in the Southern Hemisphere, New Zealand begins to transition to fall in March. With the exception of snow skiing, all outdoor activities are still great during this time, but with fewer crowds. Though temperatures can dip at night, it’s nothing a light jacket can’t fix. If you’re looking for an adventure that boasts great weather and fewer people, this just might be your fix. Don’t miss Arrowtown’s stunning Fall foliage!
  • See lunar rainbows at Victoria Falls- A rainbow is created as light is refracted through water particles in the air. A lunar rainbow is when the light source for the rainbow is the moon. During a full moon, the Victoria Falls rainforest invites guests into the park after-hours for adventurists to witness this natural phenomenon. Plan your trip to Zimbabwe for the end of March to see the full moon illuminate the spectacular lunar rainbow.
  • Watch the Boca Juniors play in Buenos Aires – The 115-year-old Argentinian club team, the Boca Juniors, is a must-have ticket. Because Buenos Aires is the home to 2 of South America’s most popular soccer/football teams, this rivalry is a way of life. Going through an agency to score tickets is the only way to go about it, but experiencing Boca Junior fans in their element (a thunderous, shaking stadium) is a one-of-a-kind experience. If you’re wanting to spend any time near Buenos Aires, be sure to get your tickets soon! 
  • Experience Holi – The Hindu spring Festival celebrated throughout North India is the most vivid, joyous festival one may ever experience. Holi is called many things but is most commonly referred to as the Festival of Colors. Festival goers turn streets and towns (and each other!) red, yellow, and green by throwing colored powder up in the air. Each color offers symbolism – red symbolizes love and fertility, green stands for new beginnings. This vibrant festival takes place all over the world but we suggest fully embracing Holi’s wonders in its home country, India.

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If you’ve ever wanted to experience the trek to Mount Everest’s Base Camp, April is the perfect month to do so. April is also a great time to experience grape harvest in Chile and it also happens to be the perfect month to fish in Seychelles.

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