Explora Patagonia

If your heart is set on staying inside Torres del Paine, Patagonia, then Explora is where you need to be. As one of the first properties built in the area, Explora Patagonia has a prime location in the middle of the park on the shores of turquoise Lake Pehoé with views of the masiff that give the park its name.

Explora is the largest of the luxury properties in the area, with 49 rooms. Despite the number of rooms, Explora Patagonia is designed to take full advantage of the silence, privacy, and spaciousness of the surrounding landscape, ensuring relaxation after long days of exploration. Explora encourages travelers to disconnect from the world. Their rooms are not equipped with televisions or Wi-Fi, which is only available in the hotel’s common areas.

Explora offers more than 50 different guided hikes and horseback rides with breathtaking views of glaciers, lakes and mountains. The excursions are half-day or full-day, at all difficulty levels and in groups of no more than eight people. Explora wants you to interact with your fellow travelers and does not offer private activities. If you prefer private activities, we recommend Awasi Patagonia.

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