New Zealand: Luxury & Private Safaris

Awe-inspiring wilderness, centuries of Māori traditions, fine wine and coastal cities – there’s no shortage of epic adventure in New Zealand, despite its pint-size packaging. Located in the South Pacific Ocean off the coast of Australia, New Zealand spans a mere 103,000 square miles (roughly the size of Colorado), yet feels like a whole world unto itself. Its largest islands, named simply North and South Island, are absolute showstoppers whether you’re looking to soak in geothermal hot springs, kayak crystal waters, or simply kick back and admire the views over a glass of wine.

A Journey Through Landscapes and Cultures

If you are ready to escape city life altogether, explore the awe-inspiring Fiordland of South Island and kayak through Milford Sound, renowned for the towering Mitre Peak, plummeting waterfalls, lush forests, and unique black coral. If you prefer to keep your feet planted, overnight on one of the ‘Great Walks of New Zealand’ in established campgrounds with numerous tented options. These walks range from lake and forest landscapes to mountains, open coastline, and volcanic deserts. While most are considered moderate to challenging, easier treks or day hikes are also available. Bonus: If you’re trekking the Milford Track, make your way to Sutherland Falls, ranked among the world’s highest with a total drop of 1,904 feet! Alternatively, take to the skies and admire the landscape by helicopter.

Whatever you do, there’s no shortage of activities in New Zealand, and just when you think you have seen the most beautiful place on earth, there’s more. With so many options, we suggest focusing on either the North or South Island, or spending a full 3 weeks (or as much time as you can muster) exploring both. Although the temptation is to combine a trip to New Zealand with Australia, you will find that you’ve barely scratched the surface of either country if you try to cram them into one trip. Trust us, you will be back for a second trip!

Secrets and Tips from our Experts

  • Self-driving is a great way to enjoy New Zealand’s landscape. Be sure to factor in lots of time on each drive for photo ops!
  • Traveling during the Spring or Fall seasons will offer great weather and fewer crowds.
  • Pack a good wide-lens camera! You’ll be taking lots of landscape photos.

Is New Zealand the Right Destination for You?

If you love the great outdoors, you are bound to like New Zealand. There are abundant opportunities to trek, day hike, cycle, surf, and much more. But you don’t have to be an athlete to enjoy a trip to New Zealand. Foodies and wine lovers will delight in the country’s robust culinary scene as well as the Polynesian culture, which adds unique layers of depth and history. If you aren’t active but love a good view, New Zealand provides an outstanding backdrop for the ultimate road trip.

When to Visit New Zealand

Good news: New Zealand is a relatively temperate destination year-round. Winter (May through to August) is cooler and can be snowy (and sunny) in the mountains, with highs ranging from 40-60˚F. Summer (November/December through February) is busier because the weather is ideal for treks, hikes, and beaches with temperatures ranging from 70-80˚F. To minimize crowds while maximizing warmer weather, shoulder seasons are ideal with temperatures in the mid 60s.


How Much Should I Budget for a Trip to New Zealand?

$ $ $ $ $

New Zealand is not a cheap destination. With high quality accommodation and abundant activities on offer (Kiwis love helicopter excursions), a two-week trip could run you around $10,000 per person using a mixture of small boutique hotels and top-end luxury lodges. Group excursions, larger hotels, and self-driving will cut costs dramatically.

Our Favorite Areas

It is hard to choose one area of New Zealand when the country is chock-full of beautiful sights. South Island’s Fiordland offers exciting outdoor options and iconic photographic opportunities. Spend a little longer than you might think is necessary in Queenstown itself, or venture directly to the heart of Fiordland to truly lose yourself in South Island’s most spectacular landscapes. For a more laid-back, luxury culinary vacation, North Island’s Hawke’s Bay is a must (and one of EJ’s Sales Director Jamie’s favorite areas). The golden sand and turquoise water in Abel Tasman National Park is another highlight. Spend a day on a private boat to find your own beach or hop onto a zodiac to get close to playful sea lions.

What Else Should I know Before Planning a Trip to New Zealand?

  • New Zealand: Luxury & Private Safaris: While we really enjoy the laid back and charming city scene in New Zealand, it’s not necessarily a ‘big city’ experience. In addition, if you are looking for major wildlife encounters or if you don’t like spending time outdoors, New Zealand isn’t for you. 

Ways to Experience New Zealand

We suggest self-driving on one (or both) of the islands if you have the time to see as much of the country as possible. Note: you should be comfortable driving on the opposite side of the road if opting to self-drive. There is no wrong way to experience New Zealand as long as you’re getting out and about: Forest walks, mountain treks, cycling through vineyards, lounging in hot springs, helicopter trips, fly-fishing, whitewater rafting, jet-boating, or glacier trekking… the list goes on. 

Wildlife You Will See

You won’t find alot of wildlife in most of the country’s top spots, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t alot to see. There are countless opportunities to see marine life including the endangered yellow-eyed penguin, blue penguins (the smallest of the species, fur seals, seal lions, Dusky and Hector’s dolphins, and whales of all kinds along the coasts (and many opportunities to swim alongside these creatures).

The unique birdlife in New Zealand is especially notable. From the flightless kiwi to tuatara (a reptilian living fossil), saddleback, hihi, takahē, wētā, tūī, New Zealand is brimming with endemic species.

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