Mexico: Luxury & Private Travel

Mexico is a vast country and home to vibrant arts and culture, deep history and ruggedly beautiful landscapes. Often overlooked by U.S. travelers as a ‘beach’ destination, experiential travelers can ditch the resorts and opt for authentic experiences centered on nature, professional guiding and wide open spaces. Bounded by the Atlantic on one side and the Pacific on the other, the variety of opportunities for marine safaris and water-based experiences here are one-of-a-kind, as well as setting off on foot with a local guide to explore the vibrant towns and pristine mountains.

The region of Mexico we love for our clients is Baja California Sur, utilizing the town of Todos Santos on the Pacific coast as an anchor for the trips we design. Designated a ‘Pueblo Mágico‘, one of just 100 or so small towns honored for its natural beauty, cultural riches, or historical relevance, Todos Santos is one of the most appealing towns in all of Baja and the perfect home base for eco-adventures in the region. On the east coast of the Baja Peninsula, Cabo Pulmo National Park is one of the most fruitful examples of marine conservation. Excellent scuba diving, boating and unique guided free-diving experiences get you up close and personal with whale sharks, reef and pelagic fish, and dolphins. Further off the beaten path, try fully supported “glamping” – safari style, on Isla Espiritu Santo in the Sea of Cortez, which is prime for scuba diving, snorkeling, stand-up paddle boarding, kayaking and hiking.

Other Baja highlights might include anything from a local cooking class or surf lesson, to a fully supported hiking trip into the Sierra La Laguna Biosphere Reserve, or a bucket-list close up encounter with grey whales seasonally in Magdelena Bay. With all of the amazing wildlife (sea lions, whales/dolphins, blue footed boobies, whale sharks) you’ll encounter, close-up & personal, led by expert naturalist guides, you might agree that the experience in Baja is akin to a “little Galapagos“.

Secrets and Tips from our Experts

  • Pack your boots and explore by hiking on the mainland and on the islands.
  • Quick dry clothes and a head lamp are helpful for “glamping”.
  • Make sure to try the wonderful local cuisine via a cooking lesson with a local chef.

Is Baja the right destination for you?

This area of Mexico is ideal for travelers interested in staying active. There are many hands-on, conservation-oriented land and water-based activities as well as art and cultural/historical excursions to enjoy Baja’s abundance. The coasts offer world-class scuba diving, snorkeling, free-diving, sailing, surfing and stand-up paddle boarding. Marine safaris are great opportunities to encounter massive schools of fish, participate in a turtle release, see whales, dolphins, whale sharks, sea lions and more. If you’re more fascinated by history than biology, then there are excellent local guides to explore the region’s towns, cultural heritage, museums and architecture.

When to visit Baja

The Baja peninsula is truly a year-round destination, with something for every season. The north has a dry Mediterranean climate, with rain and cool nights in winter, and hot, dry summers. The east coast along the Sea of Cortez is much warmer than the Pacific Coast’s summer and winter, and in late winter and early spring can be fantastically windy. The west (Pacific) coast is cool and breezy in winter and warm and breezy in summer; water temperatures are always warmer on the Sea of Cortez side.


How much should I budget for a trip to Mexico?

$ $ $ $ $

Mexico: Luxury & Private Safaris

Our trips to Baja offer trusted accommodations and insightful, personalized tours and experiences with barefoot luxury in remote areas. Prices are comparatively lower than many other global destinations for similar types of experiences.

Our favorite areas

What else should I know before planning a trip to Baja?

  • Mexico: Traveler Warning: Mexico is a relatively stable country, but poverty and violence do exist.
  • Mexico: Luxury & Private Safaris: In Baja, the accommodation we prefer is small scale and mid-range, not super luxury resorts.
  • Mexico: Activities: If you are not interested in being active or diving into local culture, then Baja is probably not a good fit.
  • Mexico: On the Water: Baja is ideal for a marine safari, but doesn’t offer land based wildlife viewing.

Ways to experience Baja

Excursions to remote wilderness areas and private guided tours in authentic small towns are excellent ways to immerse yourself in the rich cultural heritage of this region. There is no shortage of local flavor – take a fun local cooking class or just enjoy the wonderful cuisine. Opportunities to see marine life are abundant from a boat or even from land with fishing, whale watching and even sea turtle releases.

For active travelers:

  • Luxury “Glamping” safari-style on a remote island or in the mountains
  • Sea kayaking, paddle boarding and surfing
  • Diving, free-diving and snorkeling – perhaps with sea lions!
  • Short to multi-day guided hikes
  • Cultural and history tours with an expert guide
  • Whale watch from close-up in a zodiac boat (Seasonal)

Wildlife you may see

The focus on wildlife in the southern Baja region is largely below the surface. Take a swim with whale sharks (Oct-May), snorkel or dive tropical reefs, get face to face with a sea lion, release a baby sea turtle (Dec-April), look a grey whale in the eye (Jan-March) or just enjoy some fantastic bird watching near the sea! Baja has so much to offer nature lovers.


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