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Located geographically and culturally at the intersection of Africa, Europe and of course, the Middle East, Israel is a melting pot of diverse ethnicities. The country’s key sights lie at the core of Jewish, Christian, and Islamic beliefs. But whether you are religious or not, visitors are sure to benefit from the immense history and spirituality this region offers.

Despite its small size, Israel in home to an abundance of spectacular natural landscapes, archaeological treasures, and historical religious sites. Soak up the sun on a busy Tel Aviv beach, explore ancient cities and significant historical landmarks, wander bustling marketplaces, and enjoy the striking natural beauty of the Negev Desert and National Parks. Israel blends ancient and modern worlds, offering visitors a unique and diverse experience. Bonus, the food is delicious.

Secrets and Tips from our Experts

  • Meet the vendors and sample their foods on a guided tour of Carmel or Machane Yehuda market.
  • Enjoy a day of exhilarating desert activities in the Negev (mountain bike, camel, jeep rides, and more) followed by a picnic lunch in the Mitzpe Ramon Crater.
  • Extend your trip to see Petra in Jordan.

Is Israel the Right Destination for You?

  • Israel offers something for everyone. Whether a history buff, looking to explore your religious or ancestral routes, a political junkie, a foodie, an art lover, or a nature fanatic – Israel can deliver.
  • Israel is a driving destination, so it works well for those who prefer to avoid planes or who love road tripping.

When to Visit Israel

Israel’s climate varies considerably from north to south. Generally, spring (April/May) and autumn (October/November) are the best times to visit, with pleasantly warm daytime temperatures from the mid-70s to low-80s, and cooler evenings. Summer months (June-August) can become very hot and humid, with daily highs in the mid-80s or higher. During this period, the country is virtually rain free.

Winter (November to March) brings colder temperatures for most of Israel, though parts of the south like Eilat remain quite pleasant. In January and February, daily highs in Jerusalem are around mid to low-50s, and it even receives the occasional snowfall. Mount Hermon in the northern Golan Heights becomes snow-capped through winter time, and it is during this period rainfall can occur.

In addition to the weather, visitors will want to pay attention to the many holy days on the Jewish calendar. For instance, the high holidays fall around late September, and become a very busy time of year for domestic travel. Visitors are still welcome, but prices are higher while you are simultaneously faced with more crowds.


How Much Should I Budget for a Trip to Israel?

$ $ $ $ $

Israel offers a wide range of accommodations, so for those seeking ultra deluxe or a more scaled back boutique, you are in luck. But what sets an Extraordinary Journeys trip to Israel apart from others is the guides we work with. We adore our guides, and are thrilled that time and time again our client feedback is consistent – they love them too! Guiding of this caliber comes at a price, and we know it’s well worth it.

Our Favorite Areas

Tel Aviv is your gateway to Israel, and it’s worth staying at least a couple nights. It’s a big, modern city, juxtaposed with ancient streets and neighborhoods. During your stay, take part in art tours, wander the markets, explore ancient Jaffa, observe Bauhaus architecture, and hit the beach.

Most itineraries will bring you to the North, such as Haifa and Galilee, which are home to many sites of religious and historical significance, such as Nazareth, Golan Heights, Tabgha, and Acre. We also love this area for those who wish to visit a traditional Kibutz, or who want to talk one on one with border security about the geopolitics of the region.

Jerusalem is a must, and with a good guide, the history of the Old City comes to life. Yad Vashem, the memorial to the lives lost in the Holocaust, is a recommended visit, and one that is incredibly heart-wrenching.

For those seeking more activity, hike in the beautiful Ein Gedi National Park, visit Southern Israel to mountain bike or sand board in the Negev, scuba dive in the Red Sea by Eilat, or go kite surfing on the Mediterranean coast.

What Else Should I Know Before Planning a Trip to Israel?

  • Israel: Luxury & Private Safaris: Though Israel offers something for everyone, it strongly appeals to those with interest in history, religion, and/or politics. We love family travel, and can certainly include child-friendly activities each day, but find young children with shorter attention spans may not enjoy Israel to its’ fullest. You know your kids better than us, so use your best judgement.

Ways to Experience Israel

Throughout your itinerary, expect a lot of walking and driving. For the more active types, we can incorporate a number of land and water activities, and can even get your heart racing with some adrenaline activities if you wish.

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