Getting Off the Beaten Path

We love breaking the mold and thinking outside the box. If you’re thinking you’d like to stray a bit (or a ways) on an off the beaten path vacation, our custom itineraries and completely personalized travel experiences will get you there.

Perhaps you have been to Tanzania and done the standard “northern circuit” including Ngorongoro Crater and Serengeti. This time, let’s travel to Western Tanzania where you can camp under the stars in the lesser visited Katavi National Park, and trek for habituated chimpanzees in Mahale.

If you are planning a visit to Galapagos, why not extend your trip and also explore the Amazon which has fewer visitors per year, while offering biodiversity that is just as impressive. Base yourself at a lodge like La Selva and feel the remoteness of your surroundings. Go even deeper into uncharted territory with a visit to Chachapoyas in Northern Peru. Once home to the ancient Chachapoya civilization pre-dating the Incas, the region is a treat for nature lovers and history enthusiasts.

India offers so much for travelers outside of the standard “Golden Triangle“. Perhaps extend your trip to include Reni Pani Jungle Lodge near Satpura National Park, where you can indulge your adventurous side fly-camping under the stars and with a little luck also spot the elusive tiger.

Break away from Egypt‘s classic combination of Cairo and Nile, by incorporating a multi-day extension to the western desert, where the captivating Siwa Oasis awaits, along with adventure activities like dune bashing. Not many people tell you this, but you don’t have to do a cruise to explore the wonders between Luxor and Aswan.

For second and third timers to Africa, consider somewhere you may not have known much about before. Visit the decorated Omo tribe in southern Ethiopia, catch a glimpse of the famous ring-tailed lemur at Mandrare River Camp in Madagascar, pair the standard Ugandan gorilla trek with a trip to Jinja for white water rafting, or discover the impressive San Bushmen rock art found in Zimbabwe‘s Matobo Hills National Park.

Perhaps your journey takes you off the beaten path for only a couple days, or maybe you spend two weeks never setting foot on it. How much or how little time spent off the beaten path is completely up to you.

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