Our Values

Founded by mother-daughter duo Elizabeth and Marcia Gordon, our origin story is maternal, and so is our travel style. We proudly embrace the feminine qualities of care, nurturing, attention to detail, family, and collaboration. We offer life-changing experiences in places that nourish the soul.

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As a women-led team, it’s in our nature to care about our clients, each other, the environment, communities where we travel, and our partners worldwide. From the initial call and throughout your journey, we’re by your side every step of the way. We have reliable boots on the ground and a 24/7 concierge just a phone call away. Travel can be unpredictable (that’s part of the beauty of it), but we’re here to ensure you’re taken care of no matter what.

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Our trips are grounded in profound connections: to the destination, to nature, to yourself, and to your loved ones. We take care of the details to create worry-free trips that allow you to savor every precious moment. We believe in the transformational power of travel and the importance of meaningful relationships. We want travel to uplift and challenge you, and to that end, we will gently push you just outside your comfort zone. Our mission is to create magical memories that will stay with you forever.

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We don’t do generic. We love to mix and match. One night you may have dinner at a three-Michelin-star restaurant, and the next, at the fun neighborhood bistro. We always find the most unique experiences and love sharing places that have soul and personality. We get to know you and understand what makes you tick. We listen carefully. Then, we design a journey as unique as your fingerprint. If we’ve done our job of offering a genuine experience, you’ll leave a piece of your heart in each place you’ve been.


We’ve traveled the African continent top to bottom—some of us even call it home; we’ve wound through the mountains along South America’s gravel roads and walked Australia’s many trails. We’re endlessly curious and constantly traveling, so we never stop learning. Your trip will be planned by a specialist who knows your destination inside and out. Count on us for insider secrets, local intel, and the best and most charismatic guides who can also spot the most obscure wildlife. We have not walked every trail or stayed in every lodge, but we have an incredible network and share knowledge and feedback from our travelers, partners, and team members.


Our passion for soul-stirring travel is rivaled only by the impulse to share it with others. By taking care of all the details and setting you up for new adventures, we seek to revitalize a sense of childlike wonder. Meanwhile, we deliver moments of joy, both humble and grandiose. You’ll experience it with each sundowner, hear it in every welcome song, taste it in each meal, and feel it in our team and partners’ radiant warmth and positivity. There is no greater joy than that which we get from our travelers’ experiences—it’s what keeps us motivated.

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We value our word. Our communication style is responsive, timely, and transparent. We won’t speak in hyperbole; if an experience or lodging doesn’t meet our values or seem like a fit for you, we’ll let you know. Our job doesn’t end with your boarding pass—our travel concierge is with you every step of the way, troubleshooting and indulging your whims. We have genuine, long-standing relationships with our partners—we treat them like friends, and in return, they treat our clients like friends, too. If any issue arises, we work together to fix it quickly (read: we have them on speed dial!).

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Travel is a force for good when planned with care—and we believe that’s our
responsibility. Conservation of communities and wildlife is at our core, especially because we send travelers to some of the world’s most remote, fragile, and beautiful places. We donate a portion of every trip to support our partners in their work to conserve the natural environment, wildlife, and biodiversity. Of utmost importance are the local communities—there is no conservation without community. Our partners provide employment, healthcare, education, training, and development. When you book a journey with us, it’s sustainable—full stop. Consider us the slow fashion equivalent of travel: ethical, intentional, and connection-based.

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