Where to Travel in April

Spring in the northern hemisphere is fall in the southern, so it’s the perfect time to experience the warm temperatures Chile has to offer.  Warm temperatures and little rain make for optimal exploring through the Chilean wine countries.

Here’s our list of the best places to visit in April:

  • Wine harvest in Chile- Chile offers some of the most favorable conditions for grape growing on the globe. The snow meltings off the Andes, the warm temperatures, and the cool pacific breeze all make the perfect climate combination for an abundant grape harvest. Blend your outdoor Chilean adventure with the excitement of harvest to experience some of Chile’s best food and wine.
  • Secret Season in Madagascar – The perfect blend of lush rainforests and dry deserts, this tropical paradise is the outdoor enthusiasts dream adventure. Situated 250 miles off the coast of southeast Africa, Madagascar is one-of-a-kind. Seriously, 90 percent of Madagascar’s flora and fauna cannot be found anywhere else on earth. Because April is the rainy season in Madagascar, it’s the perfect time to visit. Enjoy beaches in solitude, experience a serene guided hike with just your travel mates,  and relax in one of the world’s most overlooked adventure destinations.
  • Prime fishing months in Seychelles- In April, the Seychelles are dry and the seas are calm, which makes it a prime season to cast for bonefish, GT, milk fish, trigger fish, and more. Plan a fishing trip, diving excursion, and an afternoon snorkeling session on Alphonse Island and its expansive flats, or combine Alphonse with the other Amirante islands for the ultimate fly-fishing experience. You deserve an all-inclusive fishing vacation and the Seychelles won’t disappoint.    
  • Albatross arrive in Galapagos – Avid bird watchers flock (no pun intended) to Galapagos to witness the largest bird on the the planet take up residence for the mating season. Fun fact, Albatross mate for life! After mating, the birds nest on the ground and incubate for a few months. Once the young hatch, they spend the rest of the year growing and gaining strength to begin their first long flight back to the Ecuadorian and Peruvian coasts. Visit Ecuador to see countless animals, experience everything that inspired Darwin, hike, kayak, sightsee, and relax in one of the world’s most fascinating countries. 
  • See Pumas in Patagonia – The puma is the largest predator in Patagonia. They weigh between 110 and 180 lbs and are 10 to 12 feet in length. Pumas inhabit 28 countries in the Americas but the Patagonian pumas are one of the largest subspecies. Now endangered, conservation experts offer a number of guided treks to see this beautiful creature to raise awareness. The best chance to view the puma will be in Torres del Paine. If a remote, rugged adventure is on your bucket list, a puma trek in Patagonia is worth every penny.
  • The Kuomboka Procession – Every year during the transition from summer to winter, the Kuomobaka procession transitions the Litunga (King) to his winter home away from the flood plains. A flotilla of 180 royal paddlers transport the Litunga and his wife up the river in a beautiful parade of music and colors culminating in an unforgettable ceremony symbolizing the beginning of the rains.  Witness Zambia’s beauty and this traditional ceremony with us. 
  • Hike the Simien mountains – There’s no better way to rejuvenate and refresh than an escape to the exotic, remote mountains of Northern Ethiopia. The Simien Mountains National Park is filled with unique wildlife and breathtaking views. The Simien Mountains are listed as a UNSECO World Heritage Site due to the unique species that reside there, including the Gelada baboon, the Klipspringer (small antelope), and the Simien fox, all of which can only be found in the Ethiopian Highlands. 
  • Secret Season in South Africa – Vacationing outside of the normal summer rush is one of the best times to explore. From optimal weather to fewer crowds, South Africa’s secret season isn’t one you want to pass up.  Cape Town offers wonderful wine tasting, safari isn’t too far away, and you’ll be exposed to some of the most breathtaking beaches and lush greenery South Africa has to offer. 
  • Hike to the Mount Everest Base Camp –  Hiking to Mount Everest’s Base Camp takes a standard 14 days, accounting for two acclimation days at the start and requiring hiking for about 5 hours each day. In April, the weather is mildest and the ability to see the peaks clearly is optimal. The scenery along the journey is indescribable, photography from some of the world’s highest peaks is incredible, and life at 5,364 meters nestled deep in Nepal in the Himalayas is truly an experience every adventurer should witness. Short circuit the return journey via helicopter flight and decompress in a luxury retreat in Bhaktapur, city of devotees.

Looking for more ideas?

Hike Machu Picchu during the secret season or swim with the whale sharks in Western Australia- whatever your dream journey looks like, May just might be the perfect month.

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