Jordan: Luxury & Private Safaris

Jordan is a top destination for nature and history enthusiasts. As many people are deterred by security concerns throughout the Middle East, Jordan feels like a safe haven and is the perfect introduction to the region for a first foray. It’s considered one of the Arab World’s most cosmopolitan countries and boasts a literacy rate of 98%. Visitors will be warmly welcomed and feel safe traveling through this friendly and scenic country.

Jordan is also relatively small – the Kingdom of Jordan is only slightly larger than the state of Maine. So, if you are short on time, it is easy to explore many of its highlights.

Discover the Treasures and Traditions of Jordan

In Jordan, not only can you gaze upon wonders like the Treasury in Petra, but you can also trek around the Wadi Rum Desert and camp with local Bedouins. Explore the beautiful valleys by camel, 4×4, or even hot air balloon. Wander into a local café for shisha, tea, and colorful conversation. There are opportunities to visit religious and historic sights, as well as the bustling city of Amman which displays the treasured Dead Sea Scrolls. Float the day away in the Dead Sea, and treat yourself to a mud spa treatment while gazing across the “navel of the Earth” into Israel.

While you’ll find many wonders to explore in Jordan, we think that the best part of visiting this Kingdom is the interactions with the enthusiastic locals. If you’re looking for a cultural experience, what better way to learn about local customs than from locals themselves? People here are warm and friendly and are eager to get to know you and chat about almost anything. You’ll absolutely return from a trip to Jordan feeling as if you’ve made many new friends.

Secrets and Tips from our Experts

  • Make sure to dress modestly out of cultural respect and for the weather. 
  • Don’t miss visiting Petra Treasury at night when it’s lit by candles. 
  • For something different, take a cooking class!  Our favorite is Petra Kitchen. 
  • The cuisine is a vegetarian’s dream. But for the meat eaters, plenty of tempting grilled meats are also readily available.  

Is Jordan the Right Destination for You?

  • Jordan is wonderful for anyone looking for a well-rounded cultural, historical, and adventurous experience; plus a chance to detach from everyday life.
  • It caters perfectly to those who prefer a natural, eco-friendly type of accommodation as a home base with excellent local food served. 
  • If you are interested in meeting locals and learning about others, you’ll find Jordanians to be the perfect complement to your travels.

When to visit Jordan?

For a small country, Jordan has an extraordinary range of climates. In terms of temperature, the best time to visit is in spring (March – May) and autumn (September – November), when the daytime temperatures aren’t too extreme. April is probably the best month, when temperatures are warm and wildflowers are in bloom. March can be cold and rainy in the North but is balmy by the Gulf of Aqaba and the Dead Sea. Note that some of the best ecotourism projects in the nature reserves only operate between April and October.

The heat and humidity can be extremely oppressive in summer months of July and August. Winter can be quite cold and the desert can be freezing at night. Even snow in Amman is not unheard of. The month of Ramadan (exact dates vary each year) might be tricky, as visitors are encouraged to respect local customs and not eat, drink, or smoke in public.


How Much Should I Budget for a Trip to Jordan?

$ $ $ $ $

Relatively speaking, visiting Jordan is inexpensive compared to the safari options in sub-saharan Africa.

If you wish to keep costs on the conservative end, you can opt for a private driver but utilize the local guides at each site, instead of hiring a private driver and guide throughout. Having your dedicated guide throughout really adds to the experience though, and will make your travel seamless.

Our Favorite Areas

  • Wadi Rum offers adventure and desert solitude, which we think is best experienced through desert camping. The feeling of staring up at millions of stars while in the middle of the flat desert will make you feel like a speck in the universe.
  • Floating in the Dead Sea after caking yourself in the skin-cleansing mud is great natural fun. Gazing across the Dead Sea at the lights of Israel is other-worldly – and for those with more of a religious inclination, it can be very spiritual.
  • Sliding through the siq’s many twists and turns to finally gaze on the Treasury in Petra is an adventure and feels like you’re going back in time. 
  • Take a few days to stay at Feynan Eco Lodge in the Dana Biosphere Reserve – it’s your best opportunity for stunning scenery, hiking, and visits with local Bedouin families.

What Else Should I Know Before Planning a Trip to Jordan?

  • Jordan Luxury & Private Safaris: If you’re looking for the most luxurious accommodations, Jordan may not be up to snuff. While new eco-lodges and more boutique hotels are being built to higher standards, they still don’t tend to reach Western five-star status.
  • Jordan Fare: Some accommodations serve only vegetarian food and do not offer alcohol as a sign of respect for the neighboring communities.

Ways to experience Jordan

  • Explore the beautiful valleys and desert by camel, 4×4 jeep rides, trekking, canyoning, or even a hot air balloon ride.  
  • Float the day away in the Dead Sea and pamper yourself in a mud spa treatment – either using the mud along the shore or by indulging at one of the spas of the area hotels.
  • We highly recommend a boat ride and snorkeling in Aqaba on the Red Sea and galloping on an Arabian horse or camel through the magnificent red rock desert landscape in Wadi Rum.

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