Egypt: Luxury & Private Safaris

Egypt is an exciting mix of history and modernity, felt nowhere as strongly as in the capital city of Cairo. Throughout the ancient Pharaohs’ playground, you’ll experience natural beauty, strong tradition, breathtaking landscapes, and warm hospitality.

Although it is the most populous country in the Middle East, you will only feel the hustle and bustle in the biggest cities of Cairo, Alexandria, and along the banks of the Nile and Suez Canal. It’s a country moving quickly towards modernity – with 50% of the population under 25, it’s an adventure to watch her change and grow.

In addition to gazing at the Great Pyramids and Sphinx at Giza, you can immerse yourself in truly unique experiences. You can enjoy luxury camping in the Sahara, watching the sands shift with a cold drink in hand; spend a few days in a desert oasis enjoying a 4×4 desert safari or a visit to a local hot spring; or cruise the Nile River among ancient temples. We love Egypt for its variety – a mix of temples, tombs, mummies, luxurious old world hotels, colorful bazaars, and devout but friendly and open people. The seaside, Western Desert, and a river cruise are all at your fingertips for a well-rounded experience. Whatever your taste or interests are, Egypt’s treasures are sure to fascinate and entice you.

Secrets and Tips from our Experts

  • A top Egyptologist is crucial to understanding the artifacts, sights, and helping you navigate cultural norms and laws.  
  • To get the best deals when bargaining in the markets, keep your Egyptian pounds separate from your other currencies.
  • If you aren’t one for cruises, skip the Nile cruise in favor of a road transfer between Luxor and Aswan. Visit all important sites along the way, while staying at historical hotels on either end of the journey!
  • For the traveler who has more time and is looking for off the beaten path, enjoy an adventure to the desert oasis town of Siwa.

Is Egypt the right destination for you?

Egypt is great for travelers interested in ancient history and intrigued by a nation in the midst of social and political change. If you enjoy banter with locals, the game of bargaining, and immersing yourself in a perfect juxtaposition of ancient and modern, Egypt is for you. Even sitting in traffic can be a truly exciting cultural experience with automobiles competing with donkeys, pushcarts, and vendors for prime position at a stoplight.

When to visit Egypt?

In general, the weather is most pleasant from October through March/April when temperatures waver between 60 and 80°F. Nights are cool but days are sunny and dry. Be wary that temperatures will increase as you move south, where it can get quite hot. When visiting the Western Desert, the best time is October through February, and Nile River Cruises are best enjoyed from October through April.  

During the heat of the summer (June-Aug), not only do temperatures and humidity soar, but some Nile cruises dock long term until the heat subsides. Though, pricing is lower at this time for those seeking a good deal!


Ramadan is a very holy Islamic holiday, and a time used for prayer and spiritual reflection. It usually takes place for about a month around April-May. Local guides have adapted to host visitors even during this period of observance. During this time, one can still visit Egypt and enjoy everything it has to offer – in fact, some people find it to be a wonderful time to visit and observe the heightened level of prayer and tradition. Many locals will be fasting during daylight hours, and as a sign of respect, visitors should refrain from eating or drinking publicly. Lastly, some restaurants and hotels will not sell alcohol during this period.


How much should I budget for a trip to Egypt?

$ $ $ $ $

Egypt: Luxury & Private Safaris

As a destination, Egypt offers exclusive luxury in remote areas with well-trained guides who bring it all to life. Naturally, this exclusivity and luxury comes at a premium. With all of the security issues in Egypt for the last decade, fewer Egyptians went to school for guiding which means there’s a large generational gap. There are seasoned veterans and new graduates. Our partners in Egypt aren’t the least expensive but they have the best guides which is the best investment you can make for this type of trip.

Our favorite areas

  • The Western Sahara offers desert solitude and unique experiences. 
  • A Nile cruise from Luxor to Aswan (or reversed) to see the temples and to delve into Egypt’s unique history is unparalleled. You’ll savor the quiet of sailing down the Nile, especially if this portion of your trip follows a visit to bustling Cairo.
  • Luxor is a great place to spend an extra night or two for a more relaxed way to see the city after the riverboats have departed.
  • Abu Simbel is a monumental sight that may amaze you more than the pyramids!
  • Cairo offers great restaurants and nightlife for those drawn to energetic cities.

What else should I know before planning a trip to Egypt?

  • Egypt: Luxury & Private Safaris: Egypt is recovering from 2011’s Tahir Square revolution and has been working its way toward stability ever since. Though we consider Egypt a safe destination under the care of our excellent guides, everyone needs to gauge his or her own comfort level. You will find security at the most popular sights, so if the sight of heavily armored security checkpoints makes you uneasy, you might want to pass for now.
  • Egypt: Dress Code: Also, being that Egypt is predominantly Muslim, certain dress codes and etiquette should be adhered to. This is something for travelers to know and be respectful of.

Ways to experience Egypt

  • Explore the historical and modern sights of bustling Cairo with your private Egyptologist guide.
  • Sail down the Nile visiting numerous temples and tombs along the way.
  • For those who are more adventurous, head out into the Western Desert in a 4×4 for a desert safari!
  • Snorkel, scuba, or simply lounge on the beach at the Red Sea.

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