Snorkeling & Freediving

Snorkeling on Safari

Snorkeling on safari is a really accessible and fun option for anyone staying at a beach destination. The waters of Africa’s coastline can provide beautiful and serene underwater vistas. We particularly love the Quirimbas Archipelago in northern Mozambique, a string of 12 islands where clear blue waters shelter countless species of fish and new species are regularly discovered. What were until recently untouched islands now shelter eco-friendly lodges built in the spirit of the best safari camps. We also love Benguerra Island Lodge, Azura Marlin Beach, and Santorini in Mozambique for snorkeling in Africa opportunities.

The Seychelles Islands harbor amazing coral, varied fish species, and incredible underwater visibility for snorkeling on safari. For the ultimate island experience, a helicopter whisks you off to remote North Island where snorkeling is only one of the many beach activities to keep you occupied for days.

Zanzibar also offers a host of fabulous Africa snorkeling sites, one we particularly love is Mnemba Island. The Lamu Archipelago in Kenya also offers great snorkeling. Our favorite property here is Mike’s Camp on Kiwayu Island.

A snorkeling safari in the Galapagos may find yourself swimming alongside a penguin, shark, or sea turtle! You can’t skip the infamous Great Barrier Reef in Australia for a day out in the waters.


Freediving takes the no-gear approach to new depths, exploring the underwater on one breath. Freediving today is a competitive sport with disciplines, competitions and records, but we love the special marine experiences it allows guests to have. While scuba diving can keep you underwater longer, freediving is a more natural and athletic mode of exploration. It allows you to get much closer to the animals and to move faster and more freely (in all directions), has less ecosystem impact, requires almost no equipment, and it’s easy to learn.

Staying underwater without air for any length of time may seem daunting, but breathing exercises and expert guides can make all the difference. Even within a few days, your lung capacity can expand, increasing your underwater time from maybe a minute to three or four. Learn more about freediving from our partner, Hanli Prinsloo, of I AM WATER.