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Here at Extraordinary Journeys, we believe travel is nourishment for the soul, and one of the most enriching ways to spend your time and money. In order to maximize our clients’ travel experience, we listen to your unique desires and needs, and in turn match you with the best fitting locations, camps, and activities. Customized itineraries and luxury accommodation make for epic travel experiences, but what many people don’t realize is that you can enjoy high quality, excellent value safaris, and other affordable international journeys – you just need to know where to look.

We will never compromise on our commitment to utilizing environmentally and socially responsible lodges, but that doesn’t mean that there aren’t those outstanding little gems that dwell in the sweet-spot between cost, experience, and a great location. An Extraordinary Journey will likely cost more than vacations you’ve taken in the past, but we guarantee it will be worth every cent.

We adore a number of properties that offer affordable safaris and excellent value experiences. Be it a family-owned tented camp in Kenya, a charming Ecuadorian hacienda, an authentic Moroccan riad, or a boutique property in New Zealand, our team of experts will happily share tips on how to make your dollar take you further.

Additionally, we’re huge fans of off-season and shoulder season adventures, which often offer more affordable safari options, fewer crowds, and just as many extraordinary experiences. Staying on top of the “tips and tricks” that provide unique experiences at an excellent value is part of our commitment to truly provide custom itineraries. We’re not shy about sharing pricing options and breakdowns with you, as full transparency is one of our core values. As we work together to create your journey, we will always keep your budget in mind.

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