Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I pay someone else to plan my trip? It’s free if I do it myself!

If you think planning a trip yourself makes it free, think about how much you would charge someone else for your services. Then figure that planning your own trip by doing online research will take you at least 40 hours. You have better ways to use that time and a regional specialist could get you better results.

Is it going to cost me more to use you?

We have a relationship with all our partners and suppliers on the ground in Africa and we are paid commissions by them so you will not pay more by booking your safari through Extraordinary Journeys. The benefit to you booking through Extraordinary Journeys is that we are based in the U.S. and able to assist with any questions promptly, and will hold your hand every step of the way until you return home from your safari.

Getting the most for your money

For every country and region there are hundreds of specials out there: i.e. stay 3 pay 2, 50% off for brides, free nights and transfers if you stay at a combination of several properties. These deals change frequently and have specific conditions and exclusions. We keep track of all the best deals and can quickly pull together an itinerary that makes the best use of them. We also know the little gems that offer amazing value for money and can help you take advantage of secret seasons that offer lower prices but great game-viewing. We also have the knowledge to help you find the places in your program where you can save a little money, and where it is worth the splurge to get the best experience.

We are there in an emergency

Finally, what happens if your flight gets cancelled, the property loses your reservation or another more serious emergency? All these things can cost you money and time and cause you stress. When you book with us, it is our job to handle that situation. We are on call 24/7, we always have a back-up plan, and have excellent relationships with people in your destination country. All of this means less worry for you.

*What it comes down to is this:

If you want to stick to a really tight budget and have lots of time to do the research, then you should book your trip on your own. But if you are traveling to a part of the world you know little about and want a seamless trip at a great value, then use an expert. You will probably save money on the trip itself and hours and hours of your time. And you will have a much better time once you are there!