Where to Travel in September

Warm temperatures are taking over the southern hemisphere which makes an optimal safari experience in Namibia. With the lush greenery taking over the plains, September is the best month to visit Namibia and experience animals and nature.

Here are the best places to visit in September:

  • Carmine Bee Eaters Nesting In South Luangwa South Luangwa, located in eastern Zambia, is an unforgettable oasis that’s famous for its wildlife.  Visitors will witness herds of elephants, hippos, the Thornicroft’s giraffe, and hundreds of species of birds, including the amazing carmine bee eaters. These stunning birds are bright red (carmine) with beautiful blue heads and undertails and seeing them nesting en masse is a delight for birders and non-birders alike. 
  • Swim with Humpbacks in Western Australia Take a trip to Western Oz to take a swim in the marine home of one of the world’s largest mammals – the humpback whale.  This species of whales is known for being extremely intelligent and has the ability to push their weight completely out of the water for a spectacular water show. 
  • Kwita Izina in Rwanda Join the efforts to protect gorillas and their habitats in Rwanda during Kwita Izina. Based on the Rwandan naming tradition of humans, Kwita Izina is a naming ceremony for newborn gorillas born within the year. Naming these animals allows conservationists to track and protect them. Kwita Izina includes a two-day conference to discuss conservation efforts and to bring local and international awareness to the importance of protecting gorillas and their homes followed by a naming ceremony, cultural dance performances, and gorilla treks.
  • Rhino Trekking In Namibia Namibia’s arid landscape in the southwest region of Africa offers visitors the opportunity to track black rhino on foot. The black rhino is elusive and nearly extinct, so participating in a trek to help protect these endangered animals from poachers, track population, and help provide needed funds to rhino conservation groups that are supported by the tourism industry is both unforgettable and important.

Looking for more ideas?

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