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Defined as much by the majesty of Himalayas as the palaces of Rajasthan and holy waters of the River Ganges, an Indian Subcontinent safari is a dizzying mix of ancient and modern, cacophony and serenity. Some will find the chaos off-putting, but for those who travel to heighten their senses and push boundaries, the subcontinent is a place to discover a whole new world, and undoubtedly return to unearth more.

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With a country as well written about as India, it’s easy to find yourself feeling compelled to see or do certain things. The best advice we can offer is to be true to what you really want to see and experience. You don’t have to see the Taj Mahal! Although we highlight the most common areas in our Destinations, there is so much more to this part of the world. If you’re looking for a proper adventure on your Indian Subcontinent: Luxury & Private Safaris, let’s talk about tracking snow leopards in Ladakh, setting up a private luxury camp in the deserts of Rajasthan, meeting the tribes in Gujarat to find top-quality embroidery, or planning around India’s version of “Burning Man” in Kumbh Mela. Head to the mountain hill stations in the summer and explore Shimla or Darjeeling. Combine that with a visit to Sikkim (part of India bordered by China, Tibet, and Bhutan) and Nepal if you’re looking for a good hike. If the hustle and bustle doesn’t sound your speed, Sri Lanka is commonly referred to as ‘India Light’-it’s the perfect spot to dip your toes and not feel under water. Venture off the path and don’t be afraid to do something a little different.

Itineraries to inspire your adventure

snow leopard walking along rocks
  • Itinerary

Quest for Snow Leopard

Himalayan landscapes, wildlife, and people of Ladakh and the Husing Valley

11 Days
Sunset in the desert at The Serai
  • Itinerary

India: Tigers and Beyond

From golden sand dunes to central India’s national parks, from ancient forts to legendary shining…

14 Days
traditional houseboat floating the channels and palm trees
  • Itinerary

Highlights of India: North to South

A breadth of sites and experiences encompassing the best of India

16 Days
tiger laying on a branch
  • Itinerary

Stylish Central India

Safari through the best wildlife parks in India

13 Days | $8,840 per person

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Liz Webster and Ann-Marie Long, Ann Marie and I wanted to say again how amazing our trip to India and the Maldives was.  Everything was choreographed perfectly, the accommodations wonderful, and the guides remarkable.  That’s our second, truly remarkable trip-of-a-lifetime trip with Extraordinary Journeys – everyone should be so lucky! Liz Webster and Ann-Marie Long Hope to get to arrange another one soon – we rest assured that one too, will need a whole new collection of superlatives!  Thank you again, and again.

Liz Webster, Feb 2020


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