North Island

North Island, If you want the ultimate in a luxury private island getaway then look no further than North Island.

The island’s 11 villas are private and gorgeous but it is in the service and the activities where North Island truly stands out. The island’s motto is ‘whatever you want, whenever you want’ and they deliver in spades. Each villa is given a buggy to use to get around the island as well as a bike adjusted perfectly to your height. You are given a cell phone to use during your stay to contact your villa attendant or your ‘experience consultant’ if you need anything or want an activity arranged.

The food and drinks are uniformly outstanding, including cocktails made with fruits indigenous to the island (bilimbi sours, anyone?). The main restaurant area is fine dining but there is also the West Beach which has great sunset views for more ‘casual’ fare and beach barbecues. The main pool has to be one of the most stunning in the world and the spa is fabulous. Despite all the luxury the atmosphere is laid back and comfortable and the staff are so friendly and genuine that you end up feeling as though you are friends of everyone by the end of your stay.

North Island offers a huge range of activities, all included in the price and done to the highest standard. With everything included, North Island is absolutely worth the money for travelers who want total luxury and relaxation but also for those who want to dive, snorkel and fish every day. You will head out on your own private boat, anytime you want, for as long as you want. North Island excels in the luxury of flexibility. For those looking for a private Seychelles experience that is stunning and luxurious but more about relaxation, we might recommend Fregate Private Island where all these activities are priced separately and you only pay for what you want to do.

Although the North Island experience comes with quite a price tag, it is no exaggeration to say it is worth every penny. Spend as much time on North as you can possibly afford – you won’t be bored.