Katavi National Park is part of Tanzania’s Southwest Circuit (along with Selous, Ruaha, and Mahale) and is the ultimate safari frontier. Katavi contains some of the best game viewing in one of the most untouched, remote, and least visited regions of East Africa. It’s an ideal destination for adventurers and repeat safari-goers, as it is more challenging and expensive to access with flights only operating two times per week (similar to Mahale).  This makes for a truly exclusive safari, along with some of the most intense dry season game viewing in Africa – large herds of buffalo, massive hippo pods crammed into dwindling pools, and gargantuan crocs. Katavi also boasts large populations of elephant, buffalo, lion, and spotted hyena.  Katavi is only open from June to mid-November, when the plains fill with zebra, impala, and topi, and animals flock to the banks of the Katuma and Kapapa rivers, which are the only water sources for miles. Along with traditional game drives, guests can enjoy night drives (where you can see loads of hippos out of water), walking safaris and fly camping.

With few options to choose from, our favorite property in Katavi National Park is Chada Katavi.

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