Founded in 1573, Córdoba stands as one of Argentina’s oldest cities, boasting a mix of colonial architecture and modern sophistication. The city’s historical significance is evident in its well-preserved Jesuit Block, a UNESCO World Heritage site comprising churches, a university, and residences that showcase the region’s colonial heritage.

As you venture beyond the historical sites, Córdoba’s natural beauty unfolds. The province of the same name boasts diverse landscapes, from rolling hills and fertile valleys to picturesque lakes and cascading waterfalls. Nature lovers can explore the Sierras de Córdoba mountain range, offering opportunities for hiking and horseback riding.

A visit to Cordoba is incomplete without a stay at a historic estancia. These opulent countryside estates were once the retreats of wealthy landowners. Today, estancias invite visitors to indulge in rustic luxury while enveloped by the beauty of the surrounding landscapes.

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