Esteros del Iberá

This protected area of wetlands is one of the largest freshwater reservoirs in the world, encompassing a diverse ecosystem teeming with life. 

Glide through the calm waters in a canoe or kayak, navigating the labyrinthine channels and keeping your eyes peeled for the animals that call these wetlands home: Capybara, caiman, howler monkeys, hundreds of species of birds, and even the elusive jaguar. The sunsets here illustrate why indigenous communities named this area “I-Bera,” which translates to “shining waters.”

Wildlife thrives here in the summer (December through February), which can be hot and humid months for travel. We suggest visiting in the spring (September-November) which coincides with breeding season for many animals, or in fall (March to May,) which is particularly dry and offers great birdwatching.

Many travelers combine Esteros del Iberá with Iguazu Falls, which is a day’s drive northeast.

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