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You may have heard of Titicaca without even realizing it! It’s the largest freshwater lake in South America and the highest in altitude at 12,467 feet above sea level. It is also known for its floating islands, ancient culture, and it has UNESCO World Heritage status.

In Andean belief, Titicaca is the birthplace of the sun. Set between Peru and Bolivia, the lake is the largest on the Peru side. Access to Lake Titicaca is easy via plane, but our favorite mode of travel is by train. Take a full day or overnight ride through the countryside of Peru, arriving in Puno in time to reach your hotel for a delicious dinner and sunset.

There is plenty to do to fill your days here. Lake Titicaca is home to more than 500 aquatic species, including the spectacular Puna ibis, charming Chilean pink flamingo, and (a little less charming) Lake Titicaca frog—making hikes and birding a must for any type of wildlife lover. If you want to learn more about the local community, you can meet the Uros indigenous people who have been living on the islands for hundreds of years. Boats, bikes, visits to ruins and temples will also be on the agenda.

You’ll love Titicaca, but visiting the islands is the true highlight. The floating islands (Islas Uros) are not to be missed with their picturesque signature reed homes, boats, and handicrafts. Here, you can watch the indigenous people busy at work weaving and knitting traditional colorful garments.

We suggest visiting from April to October, when the days will be dry and sunny. Our favorite property here is the Titilaka Hotel, which offers an all-inclusive stay spotlighting incredible experiences, delicious food, and stunning views.

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