Yoga on safari and beyond

What better way to connect your mind, body, and soul than through yoga on safari? Whether you consider yourself a serious yogi or just enjoy the occasional yoga travel session, you will never have a better yoga experience than while on safari.

The natural settings on your Africa adventures are perfect for relaxation and meditation. The level of yoga offerings varies between properties. Some properties, like all of the Singita properties, have yoga mats in each room so you can practice on your own. Other properties, like Kinondo Kwetu for example, have designated yoga platforms, and some properties, like Vamizi, have instructors where you can schedule your own sessions. Head to Lamu Island (and stay at our favorite Peponi) for the yearly Yoga Festival. Join the locals in Nairobi at Africa Yoga Project for a chance to practice at a local studio any time of year.

Yoga vacations beyond Africa

In addition to planning a yoga-focused trip to India, explore other yoga travel hotspots. Dwarika’s Resort in Nepal is a tranquil and soulful place to get into yoga and meditation after trekking the Himalayas. In Ecuador, include La Selva as a part of your trip to connect on a deeper level to the Amazon. 

If you want to make yoga a focal point of your safari, sometimes properties offer yoga travel packages or we can build one for you.