Elephant Interaction

Elephant Interaction Safari

The experience of interacting with an elephant is truly unique and extraordinary! You can experience an elephant interaction safari in Southern Africa, specifically South Africa at Jabulani, Botswana at Abu Camp or Stanley’s Camp, or around Victoria Falls on either side of the Falls – Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe or Livingstone, Zambia.

While opportunities for an elephant interaction in Africa are most common in Southern Africa, there are a handful of great opportunities to interact with elephants or learn about ongoing elephant research in Kenya as well. Samburu National Park is home to the Save the Elephants research station. Stay at Elephant Watch Camp for extra access and insights. You can also plan a day trip to the Reteti Elephant Sanctuary while in Samburu from Sarara or Saruni Samburu and Nairobi is home of one of our favorite places, the Daphne Sheldrick Elephant Orphanage.

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