Livingstone: Gateway to Victoria Falls

We love Livingstone for all the activities offered around Victoria Falls. Livingstone offers white-water rafting on class 5 rapids, bungee jumping, canoeing and sunset cruises on the Zambezi River. A micro light or helicopter flight over Victoria Falls is another amazing way to experience this UNESCO World Heritage Site.

A visit to Livingstone for 1-3 nights is a common add-on to a southern Africa itinerary and is easy to do from Zimbabwe, Botswana, Namibia, and South Africa. Thanks to new air routes, there is also direct access from Nairobi for those looking to combine Eastern and Southern Africa.

The Victoria Falls can be seen from either the Zambia or the Zimbabwe side, though it’s also common to view them from both during the right time of the year. Between August and December, the water level of the Zambezi River (which feed the Falls) is lower which makes the viewing experience from the Zimbabwe side more impressive. Once water levels increase after the summer rain (May-July), the Zambia side is a better option because the spray and mist on the Zimbabwe side can be overwhelming. 

With the introduction of the Univisa shared by Zambia and Zimbabwe,  crossing between the two once or twice during a visit isn’t uncommon. There is a daily flight to/from Kruger which makes Livingstone the best option to combine a visit to the Falls with South Africa, though a flight to the Zimbabwe side is shortly forthcoming. There are also a few signature activities that are worth crossing over to enjoy like swimming in Devil’s Pool at the edge of the Falls, visits to Livingstone Island, and microlight flights which are only available on the Zambia side. 

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