Bungee Jumping

Bungee jumping on safari

For a real adrenaline rush, try a bungee jumping safari! Head out to the Victoria Falls Bridge for a 360+ foot plunge toward the mighty Zambezi River, reaching speeds up to 75mph! The entire experience only lasts about 45 minutes and scheduling isn’t strict, so it’s very easy to squeeze in between activities. Bungee jumping over the Zambezi is just one of the heart-stopping reasons that Victoria Falls is an adrenaline junky’s paradise. There is also a bridge swing (from the same platform as the bungee jump and far less of a head-rush), micro-light flights, white water rafting and helicopter rides to keep you entertained throughout your stay. And all of these activities are possible whether you are staying in Livingstone or Victoria Falls on your bungee jumping vacation.

Bungee jumping vacation

If New Zealand is more your style, head to Queenstown. Known as New Zealand’s “adventure capital”, Queenstown is the home of the world’s first ever bungee jump and the highest in the Southern Hemisphere off Kawerau Bridge. Bungee, swing, or catapult yourself (yes, really) off the gorge. Other Queenstown thrills include luging down Bob’s Peak, skydiving, hang-gliding, heli-skiing or hiking, or jetboat rides through the shallow channels of the Shotover River. Start planning your bungee jumping vacation!