Devil's Pool on Livingstone Island

Swim in Devil’s Pool at Victoria Falls, Zambia

Adjacent to the UNESCO World Heritage Victoria Falls on Livingstone Island, Zambia, is a unique natural phenomenon known as the Devil’s Pool where you can swim out to the very edge of the magnificent Falls. Livingstone Island is open for touring year-round, but the opportunity to swim in Devil’s Pool occurs only during the drier months (usually between mid-August and late December when the Zambezi water levels are low).

Access from Zambia side, but available from Zimbabwe

Your tour begins by departing by boat for Livingstone Island from the Livingstone island Launch Site (which sits between the Royal Livingstone Hotel and Livingstone Town). On the island, the guides will let you in on the incredible history of the island as you follow the footsteps of Dr. David Livingstone all the way to the edge of the waterfall. You will find your best photographic opportunities on Livingstone Island as you’re able to see both the Zimbabwe and Zambia sides of the Falls simultaneously.

Staying safe at Devil’s Pool

Those who wish (and are able) can then take a dip in Devil’s Pool (or the smaller Angel’s Pool). First, the guides will check for crocodiles and hippos before everyone jumps in. Although they haven’t yet been spotted in Devil’s Pool, they can exist in the shallow waters of the Zambezi. Rest assured, you will not be put in harm’s way.

Next, you will swim through a small section of the Zambezi River to reach Devil’s Pool. If you aren’t a strong swimmer, the guides will help you cross by joining hands and creating a line to get you across. Once you reach the pool, there is a rock lip that stops swimmers from being thrown over the edge – creating the pool of water at the top of the Falls. Make sure to give your camera to the guides to snap some photos!

Exclusive opportunity, book in advance

After the experience, dry off and enjoy a meal of some form on Livingstone Island. There are 5 visits available each day – three at breakfast, one at lunch, and a last one with high tea.

Each visit is about 1.5 hours in length. If you plan to swim, wear your swimsuit, comfortable clothes, and walking shoes (non-slip water shoes or sandals work best). Make sure to bring sunscreen, a towel, hat, sunglasses, and that all-important camera.

Guided tours to Livingstone Island have a 100% safety record. It is illegal to visit the Island with a private guide or on your own. Safety is the first priority and therefore your guides reserve the right to refuse the swimming activities without prior notice to weak swimmers or if the water levels seem too high. Children must be 8 years and above to visit the island, and 12 and above to swim. Livingstone Island tours are shared with a maximum of 16 people and not available on private basis without buying out the tour’s capacity.