Birding on safari

Any serious birder will be happily overwhelmed with the diversity and quantity of birdlife found in Africa. There is more colorful, distinct, and striking birds found in Africa than anywhere else; not to mention the vast quantity due to the diverse ecosystems. If you’re interested in birding on safari, special game drives and bush walks can be organized for you and you will be paired with guides who are extremely well-versed in local birds. Please let us know ahead of time if birding is a priority so we can pair you with the right guide! Even if you’re not a bird enthusiast, you will undoubtedly encounter species you’ve never seen before and gain a new appreciation for birds.

The top three bird species-rich countries in Africa are Uganda, Kenya, and Tanzania, each boasting more than 1,000 species. We love birding in Uganda’s Murchison Falls National Park where you have an excellent chance of spotting the rare and prehistoric-looking Shoebill. Kenya’s Samburu National Park and Maasai Mara, offer some incredible birdlife from the tiny and striking Superb Sterling to the odd-looking Yellow Hornbill. Tarangire National Park in Tanzania has thriving birdlife, as does Botswana’s Okavango Delta were you can find the rare Pel’s Fishing Owl.

Unlike most game-viewing, the best time for birding in much of Southern Africa happens during the green season, typically between November and March. As an added bonus, these are also the months which come with the lowest rates. That trip to Botswana might be more within reach than you think!

Birding safari in the Seychelles is excellent year round and there are several unique and rare birds endemic to the islands including the Magpie Robin, Seychelles Bulbul and Brush Warbler, and Black Parrot.

Those searching for more rare species can even head to the Congo basin, where you have the chance to find the picathartes at Sangha Lodge, or the African grey parrot and green pigeon (among other species) at the Odzala Camps