Historical Site Visits

Historical Site Safari

While the wildlife is sure to be a highlight of any African itinerary, there are also some really interesting historical sites that can be a nice break from back-to-back game drives and offer insight into Africa’s history and varied cultures. From the massive stone walls of the Great Zimbabwe ruins, to the rock art at Twyfelfontein and Bushman’s Kloof, to the unique Arab-influenced architecture of the Swahili Coast as found in Stone Town, there are unique sites throughout East and Southern Africa you can build into a historical site safari. If you want historical sites to be a focal point of your trip, we recommend the rock-hewn churches of Lalibela, Axum, and Tigray in Ethiopia. 

Don’t forget Northern Africa! Egypt is the epitome of a historical site— focused itinerary. In addition to the more famous highlights of Giza and Luxor, make sure to include the flight to Abu Simbel before heading home for a truly special visit to this phenomenal site. Egypt is also a fairly easy spot to add before or after a traditional African safari if you only wish to pop in and out to see the highlights.

Egypt’s neighbor, Jordan, is another spot for grand historical sites. The most famous of course is Petra, but adding on a day trip to Jerash from the Dead Sea is also well worth your time.

Rounding out the Middle East, can’t miss historical sites in Northern Israel and Jerusalem include Gailee, Bethlehem, The Old City, Masada, and many more!

In South America, Machu Picchu rises above the rest. Hike the ancient Inca Trail or take the luxury Hiram Bingham train to see the ruins of the famed citadel. A living site rather than a historic one, the Galapagos islands are an open-air museum to the study of natural history.