There is nothing quite like that feeling of getting a new stamp in your passport. One stamp represents so much: exploration, excitement, education, goals, and adventure. Sparked by some extra time at home during the pandemic, we discovered a way to bring all of that to you from comfort of home, helping inspire your next Extraordinary Journey with us. Join us for our upcoming passport events.

If the last couple of years have taught us anything, it’s that we, as humans, have a very real need to be out exploring and interacting with the world around us. One thing we learned during the pandemic was how to stay connected with each other no matter the distance. In the world of travel, we are fortunate to meet and work with so many incredible people who influence and shape the world we live in.

Through Passports, we will bring these people into your homes, take you to new places, explore new ideas, and inspire and inform your next extraordinary journey. Each webinar will take place on Zoom, but take on variety of forms. From talks by safari camp interior designers, expert guides, biologists, naturalists, to panels and how-to sessions to hands-on interactions and even wine tasting evenings with expert sommelliers—turns out we can do a whole lot from home. How incredible is it that we’re able to share incredible people in all facets of the travel industry with you, wherever you are in the world.

As the world opens up, something that remains an important part of our business is the ability to virtually connect with people and places around the world.

When you register, we will send you a recording after the event whether or not you are able to attend live.

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Catch up on Past Events:


Demystifying Patagonia, South America’s Final Frontier with our South America specialists Emily and Belén

In the second of our two-part Passports: ‘Journey through South America’ on November 17th at 6:30 p.m. EST, we take you on a virtual expedition to Patagonia.


Talking Ecuador and Peru with our dedicated South America specialists

You’re invited to join us for the first of our two-part edition of Passports: Journey through South America on September 29th at 6:30pm EST. During this virtual event, we will have an open, engaging conversation with our Extraordinary Journeys destination specialists.


Exploring Otherworldly Antarctica with White Desert Founder Robyn Woodhead

On June 22nd at 1 p.m. EST, we invite you to join us for our next edition of Passports: Exploring Otherworldly Antarctica with White Desert Founder Robyn Woodhead. In this intimate, candid conversation with Robyn, she’ll share what she loves most about Antarctica and why traveling there with White Desert is a singular experience. Not only is a journey to their camps the most luxurious way to see the destination, it’s also one of the most sustainable. 


Nourishing The Soul Through Food: With Melony van der Merwe

During this webinar, South African nomadic epicurean Melony van der Merwe will take us through some of the most unique culinary experiences in Southern Africa.


The good, the bad, and the ugly of traveling during the pandemic

So you want to know what it’s like to travel right now? On Wednesday, March 30th we’re going to get into the good, the bad, and the ugly of travel during the pandemic. Coronavirus has changed the way we travel—for better and for worse. During this edition of passports, you’re going to hear from our team of expert travelers, journalists, and clients who all braved and experienced how incredible rewarding pandemic travel can be, real stories, and insight into the future of travel.


South African Wine Tasting with One and Only Cape Town

Join us for this virtual wine tasting featuring Luvo Ntezo


Wildlife & Landscape Photography in Kenya

Ever wonder how to get that perfect sunset photo without overexposure, or how to capture crystal clear focus on a moving target, like a lion’s face? Join award-winning photographer Georgina Goodwin for a photography lesson followed by a Q&A highlighting her career as a pioneering female photographer, her coverage of social and women’s issues, and her current collaboration with Cottar’s Wildlife Conservation Trust.


Ocean Exploration in South Africa & Beyond

If you think what roams above the Earth’s surface is mind-blowing, you won’t believe what you’ll find below. In a moderated interview with Extraordinary Journeys’ Founder Elizabeth Gordon, Hanli will share her experiences as a diver and activist and how, through the I AM WATER Ocean Conservation Trust, she is making a positive change in how South Africa, and the world, interacts with its seas. Looking for a new kind of adventure? Experience marine life alongside Hanli on your next extraordinary journey.


Sabi Sabi: Family Fun from the Bush

Looking to introduce your kids to the world of safari? Join us and the team at Sabi Sabi Bush Lodge for an afternoon of nature-filled fun – right in your living room! Sabi Sabi guide and educator Ally Ross brings wildlife inspired activities and games perfect for young children that are sure to entertain and foster an interest in the African bush. Your family will not want to miss out on this fun and unforgettable introduction to safari!


India’s Best Kept Secrets: Wilderness & Wildlife

Conservationist Amit Sankhala offers a unique look into parts of India often missed by tourists: stunning wilds and rich, diverse cultures far from the cities of the much-loved Golden Triangle. Amit’s passion for protecting India’s wild places, wildlife, and communities offers a new perspective on where and what should be on your radar for your next trip to his homeland.


Architecture & Design: on Safari with Singita

Singita’s camps and lodges consistently rank among the world’s best luxury accommodations, and no small part of that is due to the inspiring designs of Singita Group’s Creative Direction Manager Georgina Pennington and her team. In this Passports exclusive, Georgina will take us inside her design process, where she finds inspiration, share stories from the field, and offer tips for translating your own creative vision into your oasis at home.

For those who missed it, you can still tune into last year’s virtual series, Live from Africa on YouTube. Our guests included Derek & Beverly Joubert of the Great Plains Foundation; safari guide extraordinaire, Peter Allison, of Natural Selections; Laurie Marker, Founder of Cheetah Conservation Fund; Beks Ndlovu, Founder of African Bush Camps, and more.