Featuring The Extraordinary Journeys team, travel writers, and clients who traveled with us during the pandemic giving you all the details…

March 30th, 8pm (EST) on Zoom

So you want to know what it’s like to travel right now? On Wednesday, March 30 we’re going to get into the good, the bad, and the ugly of travel during the pandemic. Coronavirus has changed the way we travel—for better and for worse. During this edition of passports, you’re going to hear from our team of expert travelers (recently awarded a spot Travel + Leisure’s A-List), journalists, and our clients who braved and experienced the incredible rewards (and downsides) of travel during the pandemic. We’re here to put it all on the table and answer all your burning questions.

Our panelists will share stories of what it’s like to get on a plane, have flights canceled last minute, undergo quarantine, what happens if you do catch COVID-19 while you’re abroad, what the quarantine hotels and lodges are like across all our destinations, and how to prepare yourself for travel during the pandemic. 

Most importantly, we’re going to share how our team at Extraordinary Journeys has (and will continue to) worked around the clock to ensure you’re always safe and feel taken care of by our team on the ground and remotely. This edition of Passports will be a true glimpse into what the future of travel with Extraordinary Journeys will look like.

See what it was like for our team to travel during the pandemic in this short video of all our travels.

During the last two years, our team collectively traveled safely to South Africa, Botswana, Rwanda, Uganda, Zambia, Tanzania, Egypt, Zimbabwe, Colombia, Mexico, Canada, and the USA. Everyone made it home COVID-19 free. But we’re not going to sugar coat it, traveling during the pandemic can be complicated. It requires more preparation and getting into the fine details than it used to, but if you ask us, now is an incredible time to travel. That said, traveling during the pandemic isn’t for everyone—it takes patience, flexibility, and a bit of bravery right now, but we promise you that it’s incredibly rewarding. 

We had clients catch COVID-19, spend time in quarantine, take many tests, and have their flights rerouted. We’ve had nurses fly in by helicopter to do covid tests mid-game drive. We’ve filled in all the paperwork, arrival documents, and passenger locator forms for personal travel so we can tell you exactly how it’s done. We’ve quarantined. We’ve stayed on top of the ever-changing regulations, border restrictions, testing, and vaccine requirements for each country.

The reason things went smoothly, no matter what? We have our client’s backs the entire time, pulling strings to make sure every single one of their needs was met from getting doctors to visit them on-site to re-booking flights at the eleventh hour. We did all the legwork for you in 2020 and 2021 so that you can travel with us this year knowing we’ve got your back, and know our stuff. Travel is more than possible with the right people planning every last detail for you (ahem, us!).

So what are you waiting for? Snag your spot at this webinar so you can get to know all the in’s and out’s and industry secrets of travel during the pandemic now and join us on Zoom at 8 pm EST on Wednesday, March 30th. We can’t wait to see you there.

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