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“My journey has been inextricably linked to Africa’s wildlife and wilderness – I was only three months old when I went to a game reserve for the first time. Thanks to my father consulting for a leading conservation company and my mother being a passionate bush-goer, I had the privilege to spend many weeks of my childhood in the wild. My passion for this continent, its fauna and flora and conservation is deep and unwavering.  In our design process, we borrow ideas from nature, from millennia old ecosystems that have been tried and tested, and apply these principles to many elements of designing in the African wilderness” – Georgina

For Georgina, nature is the most important inspiration

Have you ever stayed somewhere so wonderful you wished you could replicate the magic in your own home?

Singita’s camps and lodges consistently rank among the world’s best luxury accommodations, and no small part of that is due to the inspiring designs of Singita Group’s Creative Direction Manager Georgina Pennington and her team.

Through borrowing and mimicking the patterns, textures, colors, and design found in nature, weaving them together with other design elements, and layering the tangible with the intangible, her final designs are both a conscious experience and subconscious feeling. In essence, a living dream.

In this Passports exclusive, Georgina will take us inside her design process, where she finds inspiration, share stories from the field, and offer tips for translating your own creative vision into your oasis at home.

About Georgina Pennington, Singita Group’s Creative Direction Manager

As the head of Singita’s in-house design team, Georgina, with her team, are the visual custodians of this highly respected ecotourism and conservation brand.  For the past 12 years Georgina has been involved with every redesign, refurb and refresh across all of Singita’s award winning lodges and camps – providing creative direction, intangible concept development, design development oversight, as well as being involved with installations and concept training. 

When asked to ‘design the feeling that is Singita’, Georgina embarked on a journey of intangible design, of pinning down what created a feeling, a memory, or evoked the feeling of wanting to return.  What spoke to Africa, the wilderness and Singita – what was the essence of the brand and how do we celebrate it.  This opened up a new space for the Singita design team, leaning on the principles of biomimicry and biophilia in order to authentically research and deliver tangible and intangible design.  Being fascinated with human behavior and habit for as long as she can remember, Georgina looks to incorporate into the Singita design ethos a strong element of behavioral science, designing elements that one would never think are designed. 

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two hot air balloons flying over a lush green field.
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11 Days | $22,985 per person
wildebeest migration with hot air balloons
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The Great Migration Done in Style

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Ultra-Luxury Safari to Zimbabwe and Botswana

Wildlife, local communities, and Victoria Falls

14 Days | $31,300 per person
river bed views with trees and sun set
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Unforgettable Luxury Safari in South Africa

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