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Georgina Goodwin with camera
Georgina capturing the sunset near Cottar’s Camp, Masai Mara

Ever wonder how to get that perfect sunset photo without overexposure, or how to capture crystal clear focus on a moving target, like a lion’s face? Award-winning photographer Georgina Goodwin lead us through her photography process and taught us how to apply these skills to our own photos, be it on safari or at home. 

From understanding how to choose the best cameras, lenses, and settings, to bigger lessons like practicing patience and gaining the trust of your subject, her tips will elevate your photography.

Georgina’s experiences, from documenting forces of societal change to capturing the forces of nature, are inspiring. She shared ideas on how to maximize your chances for success in capturing the perfect image, providing tips for both veteran and amateur photographers.

After her talk, Brooke Berlin of Cottar’s 1920’s Camp facilitated a Q&A session highlighting Georgina’s life as a pioneering female photographer, her coverage of social and women’s issues, and her collaboration with Cottar’s Wildlife Conservation Trust. Audience questions followed.

If you missed it, be sure to watch the replay below!

YouTube Recording of PASSPORTS: Wildlife & Landscape Photography in Kenya featuring Georgina Goodwin and Brooke Berlin

About Georgina Goodwin, Resident Photographer, Cottar’s 1920’s Camp

Georgina Goodwin, born and raised in Kenya, has been an independent documentary photographer for over 15 years. Her work features and is inspired by social & women’s issues, wildlife, and the environment.

Georgina is the resident photographer at Cottar’s 1920’s Camp in Kenya’s Masai Mara (where her husband Doug Braum is the manager of Cottar’s Wildlife Conservancy Trust (CWCT). Here she spends her time with guests, doing everything from workshops, trainings, photoshoots and special event coverage to accompanying clients as a private photographic guide.

Georgina’s photos have been published by the NY Times, Newsweek, Elle Magazine, FT, Vogue Italia, BBC, CNN, AFP, Reuters, UN, World Bank and many others, and have been shown in New York City’s Times Square; Tokyo, Japan; The Louvre Paris; and more.

Brooke Berlin, Founder of Karoo Consulting, a company focused on promoting travel to Africa and supporting conservation and community non-profits, will join us to share some of her recent experiences on the ground with one of her partner properties, Cottar’s Safaris, Kenya.

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