Dramatic landscapes in Patagonia and the untouched Antarctic realm

This 20-day expedition combines the varied landscapes of Patagonia with the pristine beauty of Antarctica. From the towering peaks of Torres del Paine to the icescapes of the Antarctic Peninsula, this journey takes you through breathtaking terrains and untouched wilderness. Experience the serenity of nature, as well as the vibrant cultures of Buenos Aires and Santiago.

Who is a luxury Antarctica & Patagonia Explored trip best for?

Antarctica-bound travelers who want to make the most of traveling to the ends of the earth by exploring Patagonia in-depth.

Day-to-day itinerary

DAY 1:

Arrive in Santiago, Hotel Bidasoa

DAYS 2-5:

DAYS 6 & 7:

DAYS 8 & 9:

DAYS 10-19:

Embark your cruise, explore the South Shetland Islands and the Antarctic Peninsula

DAY 19 & 20:

Antarctica & Patagonia Explored trip highlights

  • Traverse the monumental landscapes of Patagonia and the otherworldly realm of Antarctica.
  • Begin your expedition in Santiago. Engage with the city's vibrant art scene and stroll through its dynamic neighborhoods. Share a wine tasting and dinner with a group of vintners who are challenging the norms of the Chilean wine industry.
  • Fly to Puerto Natales and transfer to your lodge just outside of Torres del Paine National Park. Your glamping stay here takes place at Patagonia Camp. After days spent exploring the park’s many trails, lakes, and viewpoints, relax in a private yurt with mountain views.
  • Cross the border into Argentina and continue on to El Calafate. Explore the Perito Moreno Glacier, one of the few still-expanding glaciers in the world. This stop offers a taste of things to come in Antarctica.
  • Journey to Ushuaia, the world’s southernmost city, situated between the Beagle Channel and the Andes Mountains. Meet the only female captain of the Beagle Channel, who will invite you into her kitchen to prepare typical Fuegian dishes made with local ingredients.
  • Embark on a 10-night Antarctic voyage. Once you've crossed the Drake Passage, you'll arrive at the white continent. Spend four days sailing past colossal icebergs, observing penguin rookeries, and standing in awe of the glaciers and icy mountains. 
  • After returning to Ushuaia, fly north and conclude your journey in Buenos Aires. Spend a day visiting the highlights of this historic city with a private guide, sampling street food along the way.


Starting at $23,800 per person based on two people sharing in 2024.

Best time to go on a luxury trip to Antarctica and Patagonia

Cruise season in Antarctica is limited to November through March, when the ice sheet has melted and ships can navigate through the Antarctic Peninsula. February is an especially great month for this adventure; penguin chicks have hatched and the high-season crowds have departed Patagonia.

Antarctica & Patagonia Explored map


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Torres del Paine

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El Calafate

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Antarctic Peninsula

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Buenos Aires

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Easy extensions

If you want to dedicate even more time to Patagonia, consider the Argentine Lake District or the Chilean Lake District. Alternatively, finish your trip with some rest or relaxation in Mendoza, Argentina’s wine country.

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