Gonarezhou National Park is a remote, beautiful park full of rugged and scenic landscapes extending across a vast area of baobab-dotted scrubland and pale orange sandstone cliffs. It is famous for its elephants, and many of the largest-tusked elephants in the region may be found within the park. The park is also home to 4 of Africa’s Big 5 – leopard, lion, buffalo, and elephant in addition to many other animal and bird species.

The Malilangwe Reserve comprises 130,000 acres of private and beautiful wilderness area bordering Gonarezhou National Park and is the home of Singita Pamushana, considered one of the most luxurious accommodation in Zimbabwe. Malilangwe Reserve is teeming with birds and wildlife, including rare species such as the black rhino and the roan and sable antelope. The area is famous for its cathedral mopane forests, majestic ‘upside-down’ baobab trees, and over 100 rock art sites which date back more than 2,000 years.

Accommodation offerings are slim in this remote region and getting here takes a bit of patience, but the payoff is worth it in exclusivity, diversity, wildlife and stunning landscapes.

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