Chilo Gorge Safari Lodge

Chilo Gorge Safari Lodge, Elevated atop a cliff, Chilo Gorge Safari Lodge has fantastic views over the Save River below and Ghonarezhou National Park. Refurbished and re-opened in 2012, the lodge lies just outside the park, whose north-eastern boundary is formed by the river.

While Chilo Gorge is definitely not a luxury property, the location of the camp, and the stunning views more than make up for it. The rooms have recently been renovated and are comfortable. Parts of the common areas are a bit dated by the dining area is lovely and dinner out on the sand bank is truly special. Another tremendous selling point are the staff and managment. Chilo Gorge’s founder is Clive Stockil, a conservation visionary and the guiding team is excellent. The wide range of activities here mean you could easily spend 3-4 nights and fill your days.

All in all the location, the views, the staff and the great game-viewing, and the price point make Chilo an incredible deal in a fabulous national park.