Sosian Lodge

Sosian Lodge is the centerpiece of a luxurious 24,000-acre Boran cattle and dairy ranch in the heart of Kenya. Located in the region of Laikipia, seven tastefully renovated cottages speckle the grounds. The property invites travelers to escape through scenery, cultural experiences, and outdoor recreation, which are the primary focus between game drives. Often, families and travelers opt for a stopover at Sosian Lodge to recover between, before, or after wildlife-intensive tented safari camps.

Children of all ages are welcome but programming is geared to kids five years and older.


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Safari Lodge (7)

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Children of all ages


24-hour Security, Bar, Barbeque Facilities, Battery Charging Facilities, Communal Dining, Eco Friendly, Internet Access (Complimentary), Laundry Service (Complimentary), Library, Malaria Free, Meal on Request, Mobile Connectivity, Pool, Private Vehicle Available, Secure Parking


Bush Walks & Walking Safaris, Game Drives, Horseback Safari, Camelback Safari, Fishing, Camping, Conservation and Reserve Management

What we love about Sosian Lodge Kenya

As a property not located in a national park or reserve, there are few limitations regarding the lodge’s amenities and activities. In turn, Sosian Lodge is a robust escape with a pool, Wi-Fi and flush toilets, making the property both family-friendly and a comfortable haven where safari-goers can fully reset. To deepen the connection to place, nearby communities welcome cultural visits from travelers to the neighboring manyattas, or villages, of the Samburu or Masai, Turkana, and Pokot people.

Sosian Lodge’s unique conservation and community model

Two decades ago, Laikipia was primarily a cattle and sheep-producing area, to which wildlife posed a threat. Today’s stewards of this land recognize that wildlife and livestock can co-exist in modern ranching. 

Aligned with those values, Sosian Lodge prioritizes anti-poaching ranger training to monitor wildlife and help reduce instances of poaching. It also implements secure corralling to protect cattle from lions at night, reducing cattle loss by 90 per cent. Sosian is partnered with Lion Landscape, a nonprofit that partners with local livestock farmers to monitor lion populations. 

Finally, utilizing cattle rather than controlled burns to clear old grassland alongside the wildlife in an open-fence model is more effective with fewer negative impacts on the environment.

Getting to Sosian Lodge Laikipia

The most direct arrival is via a charter flight to Sosian airstrip which requires just a five-minute transfer to reach the lodge. Otherwise, land at Loisaba Airstrip on a scheduled flight 15 miles north of Sosian Lodge, or at Nanyuki Airport, 72 miles south. Budget 90 minutes for a Loisaba transfer and three hours for Nanyuki.

Sosian Lodge accommodations

The ranch house was created by Italian artisans and dates back to the 1940s. In recent years, the property was restored to accommodate up to 14 people in eight rooms in the primary lodge, which feels like a large home, with sweeping views of the Ewaso Narok River basin. This shared space includes a sitting room anchored by a fireplace framed by a pair of elephant tusks, a dining room, a bar, and a billiards room. The expansive veranda is a lovely place to post up and admire views of the bush and beyond. 

Each of the seven cottages features a private veranda and en-suite bathroom. The units are comfortably outfitted with feather-soft linens, electricity, and running water—a welcome break from the minimalist amenities of tented camps that often fill a Kenya safari itinerary. The Italian Cottage is the largest and most private suite (typically reserved for honeymooners) and there is a two-bedroom Family Cottage that can configure as a triple to accommodate up to seven guests. 

With a relaxed atmosphere, Sosian Lodge provides approachable luxury, and is considered a top-tier extension of a family vacation.

Sosian Lodge amenities  

Guests gather in the communal dining area for three-course dinners and also have access to a barbeque grill, meals by request, and a bar. As a working ranch, many gourmet plates are farm-to-fork. Picnics, breakfast beneath the acacia trees, and candlelit bush suppers are dining highlights. 

There is a solar-heated pool, tennis court, a small boutique in the reception, and a “listening service” is available upon request for parents who want to step away for dinner while infants nap in the suite.

Additional amenities include a complimentary laundry service, internet access, 24-hour security, and battery charging stations.

Sosian Lodge activities 

Memories at Sosian Lodge hinge on a range of unique, shared outdoor experiences rather than singularly on game drives. 

Horseback safaris: Sosian’s 26-horse stable of safari-trained ponies make it one of Kenya’s top destinations for horseback safaris. Imagine cantering across the plains among giraffe and zebra, backdropped by Mount Kenya. Experienced riders can enjoy a longer overnight ride to a remote fly camp for an evening of stargazing, returning to the lodge by lunchtime the following day. Custom-tailored, extended horseback safaris (five to seven days) are also available. 

River fun: When the water levels of the Ewaso Narok River are high enough, folks are refreshed by river tubing. Brave adventurers can leap off a 30-foot waterfall, while others relax with a fishing rod in hand. 

Camel treks: Camels, which have been kept as livestock in northern Kenya for their milk and meat for hundreds of years, are raised on the ranch, offering camelback rides. Each day can also be closed with a walk or hike to a unique viewpoint for sunset. 

Walking safaris: Venture out on foot with an armed ranger for a guided bush walk (one to three hours) or an extended walking safari. Make it an overnight experience by slumbering in a minimalist but comfortable fly camp. 

Game drives: The area is not home to the same wildlife density as the Maasai Mara, though game drives are offered on the property during the day and at night. There are ample opportunities to view wildlife from roaming buffalo, zebra, antelope, leopard, and hippo to giraffe, elephant, lion, and wild dog. Furthermore, more than 350 species of birds thrive on the property. Often the most encountered animals after sunset include spotted and striped hyena. 

Lodge activities: Guests don’t need to go far from the lodge to play or unwind. From sitting in plush armchairs in front of the fireplace to enjoying the garden that borders the heated outdoor swimming pool, travelers can relax into every corner of the property. Whether they want to spend energy on the tennis court, read books or play games in the library, or stroll through the organic vegetable garden, a range of activities are available just steps from their room. 

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