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Compared to South America’s other major capitals, Montevideo is a refreshingly calm and laid-back city. Instead of a cacophony of honking horns and bumper-to-bumper traffic, travelers are greeted with a tranquil coastal causeway leading into a city center lined with palm trees and handsome, 300-year-old colonial architecture.

Founded by the Spanish, Montevideo has always been a city of immigrants and newcomers; to this day, it warmly welcomes people from around the world as a bastion of liberalism and stability. With countless green spaces, convivial town squares, more than 18 miles of Rio de la Plata coast, and vibrant sunsets that cast a veil of color across a wide-open ocean horizon, it’s easy to forget you’re in a city of more than one million people.

The best of both worlds, offers a rich cosmopolitan culture tempered by the chill vibe Uruguay is famous for—but don’t mistake it for being sleepy. In the oldest neighborhood, Ciudad Vieja, you’ll find historical buildings, art galleries and museums, trendy cafes, bookstores, boutique shopping, and world-class restaurants. Spilling into the streets, the rhythms of tango, murga, and candombe communicate an infectious sense of Uruguayan joie de vivre.

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