Antarctica Safari Itineraries

aqua icebergs floating in front of snow-capped mountains on the Antarctic Peninsula
  • Itinerary

Antarctica & Patagonia Explored

Dramatic landscapes in Patagonia and the untouched Antarctic realm

20 Days | $23,800 per person
penguins returning to the shore after an icy swim in the Antarctic waters
  • Itinerary

Antarctic Odyssey

A journey into Antarctica’s icy realms, pristine beauty, and untamed wildlife

12 Days | $14,000 per person
guests hiking along a snowy ridge overlooking aquamarine waters in Antarctica
  • Itinerary

Robb Report Exclusive: Ultimate Water & Ice

Exclusive Adventure from Cape Town to Antarctica

45 Days | $120,000 per person
  • Itinerary

Emperors & the South Pole

Adventure and luxury on the White Continent

8 Days | $83,000 per person
Emperors & the South Pole, a man in a red jacket and woman in a blue jacket admire Antarctica from a viewpoint inside a rock
  • Itinerary

The Explorer’s Academy – Active Adventures in the White Desert

Experience the majesty of Antartica’s white desert on this six-day polar adventure alongside…

6 Days | $40,000 per person